Grease of the Law System

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How Much More “In Your Face” Can They Get?

Dead PresidentsI do not like to write about politics. It would be such a waste of time to pretend that there is such a thing as democracy anywhere. The world is a republic of the rich. Ultra rich. Über rich. Filthy rich. Invisible rich. New World Republic.

But, sometimes I come across an old picture, and I feel a rant on fake politics coming up. Not to worry, I will take this as an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline. It is futile to hope that this picture was Photoshopped. We need evidence of these type of bold moves taken by these squinting rich imbeciles, who laugh at us for being poor imbeciles who are color blind. Continue reading

Remember To Change Not Cope

the matrix blue and red pills

Cope is not change.

To finally get to cope with someone or something does not mean that the person or thing has changed. Only the attitude towards the same person or thing has changed. I may cope with the fact that there may be gods, but that does not mean that they came into existence because I changed my mind.

Only when I realized that I did not have to cope with the system, did things start to change. Change is an inside job, so it is no use to fight the system into change. I had not realized how much control they had, nor how much control I had given them. I let go of the false belief that the system would change to have my interests at heart too. Continue reading