Life or Debt

They are always quick to claim success. But, behind the mask of success always lurks vast cunning and conniving. These are the people who had at one time decided to fake it so they could make it, to find that they have to keep faking it otherwise they may never make it. Make it to where?

They are stuck in a system that preys on them. A system that taught them to borrow money to finance their dreams. Dreams the system promoted through propaganda and advertising. Change their death for debt. If they were willing to get into debt, then they could fake that they had made it. Made immoral. Uh, immortal. That is what they are looking for.

They flaunt ownership of the house, the cars, and their kid’s schooling. No matter, as it is easy to figure out that they do not own anything but debt. A huge debt to humanity and Nature, for taking more than their due share. These thieves have no share. Continue reading


Criminals Pointing Fingers

Crime of Banking AdamsFrom: The Legalized Crime of Banking and a Constitutional Remedy
By Silas Walter Adams, 1958

The Legalized Crime Of Banking is a simple story of The Federal Reserve System, dealing principally with the unconstitutional creation of money and the control of credit by private corporations. The author suggests a concrete, simple solution, which Congress could employ, which would make the transition from private banking to the Treasury without injuring anyone enjoying a constitutional right, or without upsetting our normal course of trade, industry, and agriculture.

The Pauper and The Rich Man
The pauper (the Federal Reserve Bank) with assets of $52 billion with no productive know how, and less than 100,000 stockholders, loaned the rich man (The United States Government) with well over $350 billion in physical assets plus $250 billion in productive capacity and know how, with 170 million stockholders, $300 billion to fight World War II. Can you imagine the greatest corporation on earth, with 170 million stockholders and assets running over $600 billion, turning to a Continue reading

Still Enough Freedom Left to Live

White HouseThere is a lot of my freedom that they have taken away from me. But, I am not fooled by it. They got me to let go of all the material nonsense that they tell me to attach value and worth to. I no longer have to worry about choosing worthless things. My mind is no longer pre-occupied with getting the latest of the latest, and forgetting that the last latest must not be worth anything if I am to look for a new latest so soon after getting the last one. Just typing the sentence makes me rejoice in no longer getting distracted by it. Continue reading

They Can Have the Nothing They Left Me

British Punishment DeviceEven though I no longer engage with them, I am not free of them. I just spent a whole day talking to myself about them, and reprimanding them in writing. It is not a total waste of time. It was time to let my feelings out. Let myself know what I have been holding back. But, I also need to be able to move on. It is no use talking to them. I know that they do not care, because they get away with their behavior. It is what they get hired to do. I am not free of them even though I get no more money from them. They want control, and they need my information to be able to keep it. The fresher the information the better. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Team to Fit Into

The phrase “to fit in our team” is to pay rent for having occupied my mind for too long, or I need to set it free immediately. I used to wonder what it really meant. In my line of previous thinking, it should mean that my contribution to team work should be complimentary to the contributions of the other team members. So, to assess whether I fit in, my qualifications and capabilities should be evaluated. And that is how I prepared for job interviews and the occasional reviews. I did not mind showing them that I knew how to tie my own shoelaces and to button my own coat.

After a while on the job, my line of thinking would seem to be out of sync. People did not like the way I did things. I could turn in an excellent report, but I would then have to listen to nonsense about my behavior. Continue reading

Keeping An Eye On Their Money

RobotAs I go about my options, I realize that they own it all. There is no organization that they cannot get their claws into. If the company is not theirs, mere threatening will suffice to get the people to do as they say. They have the System at their disposal, and they will use it.

They can get anything they want. Well anything that can be bought with money. They have no use for heart. Their physical hearts are only to keep the cold venom pumping underneath their snake skins. Do not confuse them with ‘real people’. They are not called reptilians for no reason. And, I am not referring to an alien story, only the sharing of the cold blood and Continue reading

The System Owns the Land, the House, and…

The debt scam is only one part of the money System. The debt System itself is also divided up into different scams. Part of the debt scam is the mortgage scam. The mortgage scam is bad enough without the sub-prime-loan scams. It all started with the fable that houses have inflated worth without the land that they are built on. Yet, it is the land that determines the price of the house. The house comes without the land, yet we pay tower-high mortgages. McDonalds may sell worthless burgers, but the land those burgers are sold on is what secures its future. Continue reading