Taxing Negative Oil Spill

After dumping oil, spilling oil, burning oil, wasting oil, there is tax to get rid of more oil? Hmm. I actually do not feel like writing on any politics, but it always boils right down to it. This nugget of mislead needs to get put to rest where it belongs. Back in the media that pushed it forth. Instead of a lecture – and use of proper political and financial economic myth – to simply rant, and push this terrorist act back into the garbage can it came from. To allow for more comfortable space for the disintegrating elephant in the room. And to keep an eye out for the donkey that keeps fading in and out.

10 dollar tax per barrel. The announcement got underplayed in media, but apparently I am part of media, so here comes some overplay. Still awaiting the day when my rants can pay for exorbitant rent.

Even students starting business school can recognize the stunt as penal matters. Government refusing to properly tax corporations before, well aware of the ‘creative’ financial myths. But now that digital money disappears back into the digital death it got evoked from, the oil companies are given an ‘incentive’ to SELL. Continue reading


Health Scare System

Something old for the new year. This article does not deal with Ebola, because after Ebola there will be something else. Because before this Ebola triplet there were already plenty of other somethings.

Dear Health Scare System

It is only of use to study how the system views our health. The pharmaceutical-insurance-health-scare-industrial-complex profits from creating diffusion and illusion when it comes to classifying physical or mental malfunction. The engineered division into objective (approved) and subjective (ignored) disease is successful due to the fact that health care is perceived to be the expert realm of doctors – and ‘experts’ who speak for them.

Once the public got stripped from health (care) knowledge and that knowledge was said to be in possession of the doctors only, the system was ready to complete the next step. Next to keep the doctors from health (care) knowledge, and keep them believing in the fake division between body and mind so thoroughly that they would invent ever more divisions themselves. Continue reading

Keeping An Eye On Their Money

RobotAs I go about my options, I realize that they own it all. There is no organization that they cannot get their claws into. If the company is not theirs, mere threatening will suffice to get the people to do as they say. They have the System at their disposal, and they will use it.

They can get anything they want. Well anything that can be bought with money. They have no use for heart. Their physical hearts are only to keep the cold venom pumping underneath their snake skins. Do not confuse them with ‘real people’. They are not called reptilians for no reason. And, I am not referring to an alien story, only the sharing of the cold blood and Continue reading

On Family Affairs

The rich have families so their children can carry on the family name and the riches. All according to a plan that their ancestors laid out a long time ago. They do not really care about their spawn otherwise. They must also believe in some form reincarnation otherwise it would be pointless to put their imbecilic spawn in control over their plan. They know that they are not going past ‘heaven’, and without reincarnation there would be no point to their cruelty and insanity. They would only be cruel and then die. Continue reading

Fool School

As the System controls the schools and school system, the children are going to learn whatever the System wants them to learn. The System needs the children to understand to play by the rules dictated. The children need to become adults who think like children, so they will work, pay taxes and incur debts, without objecting to it. The debts are to insure that they will work more and pay more taxes.

Most of the subjects taught in school did not make sense to me. When I started to work, all I could apply was  mathematics. No other school subject was of use. The most important thing at work seemed to Continue reading