Life or Debt

They are always quick to claim success. But, behind the mask of success always lurks vast cunning and conniving. These are the people who had at one time decided to fake it so they could make it, to find that they have to keep faking it otherwise they may never make it. Make it to where?

They are stuck in a system that preys on them. A system that taught them to borrow money to finance their dreams. Dreams the system promoted through propaganda and advertising. Change their death for debt. If they were willing to get into debt, then they could fake that they had made it. Made immoral. Uh, immortal. That is what they are looking for.

They flaunt ownership of the house, the cars, and their kid’s schooling. No matter, as it is easy to figure out that they do not own anything but debt. A huge debt to humanity and Nature, for taking more than their due share. These thieves have no share. Continue reading


A Code to the Madness?

Information Technology 4From KHADWA: The Code of Truth
By Steffan Stridsberg

666 – Technology


The convenience of computers is everywhere. Even a simple inexpensive $3 watch contains a computer. No longer does it merely tell time; it also can add and subtract, keep time in three different zones, give the day and the date, and beep at predetermined intervals. Computerized voices in fancy cars warn you if you have not fastened your seat belt, that your oil is low, or that you are almost out of fuel. The proliferation of computers has created a strong dependence on them, for real need and pure convenience. The average American’s name is accessed 35 times a day by computer, and this is only the beginning as we become plugged into the ever-growing system. Continue reading

Who Put the Chains Back On?

ShamedLong Pay is what their System is. They do not want us to be able to pay them back. Know their lies. They can extort more money out of us when we cannot pay them what they demand. They do not care if they sell us worthless goods, or empty promises. All they want is for us to give them money for it, and preferably over a long period of time. It gives them more opportunities to change the rules and the game, to extract ever more money from us. Continue reading

The System Owns the Land, the House, and…

The debt scam is only one part of the money System. The debt System itself is also divided up into different scams. Part of the debt scam is the mortgage scam. The mortgage scam is bad enough without the sub-prime-loan scams. It all started with the fable that houses have inflated worth without the land that they are built on. Yet, it is the land that determines the price of the house. The house comes without the land, yet we pay tower-high mortgages. McDonalds may sell worthless burgers, but the land those burgers are sold on is what secures its future. Continue reading

Education on the Money System (2)

Nothing works without people believing in it. I grew up with money, television and movies, school and work, and food. And I believed all of it. Family and friends served as puppets to push the System on me from close-up. I had to accept money as the norm as my family and friends showed me that it was the only way to get what I wanted. Television showed me that what they were teaching me was the right thing to believe, and school provided the empty theories as the ultimate ‘proof’.

Work proved to be kindergarten for adult children. All the indoctrination was played out in sick ways. How does food fit in? Well, if I was not dumb enough to like the System, then I would just have to numb myself and look the Continue reading

Education on the Money System (1)

As I am still a money-slave, I do not mind to break free of the debt System through its collapse. However, the debt System is only one part – granted a very big part – of the money System. Therefor, I am not to look at a possible debt collapse only, but at the whole money System disappearing. This hope might have been fed as I learned that the banking psychopaths are planning for just that. They plan for a better enslavement or annihilation, whereas I need to plan for freedom from all their Systems.

As the trillionaire psychopaths are patient, I found it necessary to do some in-between-Systems homework. Instead of planning to get out of the money System at once – which I have failed to do so far – I decided to get Continue reading

Money System

empty walletMoney is supposed to be about trading one product or service for another. I go to work for a boss or client, and I get paid for my work because I have helped that person add value to her business or helped make room for more enjoyment of his life. I have many skills, so I should find it easy to have an income that allows me to pay others to add value to my business or life. I should be able to pay someone else to do my cooking and cleaning, and I should be able to enjoy many nice vacations a year outside of the country. Those are the simplest of promises the system made me.

Continue reading