Doctor Radical Or Nether Expert

Radical?! There you have it. I got sabotaged to get called “radical”. Is not owning a pair of doc martens a minimum requirement? I did own a bomber jacket once. Way too big, but simply had to have it for no good reason other than to have it. I never returned to that store for getting pushed to buy it. How popular could it be if they only had one? I was to make the best of it, really. Unable to analyze why I had to at all. Silly teenager unable to recognize the powers that dictate the fashions of this engineered world. But, not so silly that I would let anyone talk me into getting docs too. Better invest my crumbs of hard-earned money in school books filled with nonsense and outright lies, and learn how to fail.

Radical? I got sabotaged from enjoying life, to see doctored programs operate to keep people busy. Watching people enjoy their spot in the matrix. They seem unconcerned with the fact that their words are hollow repeats dictated by programs. Readily aligning to like what they are allowed to enjoy. One day the same as the next, really. Unable to ponder on without getting out of the shiny box. Continue reading


They Know More Than They Show

Information SpiesThey always seemed a step ahead of me. I could not figure it out. How could they know? They did not know me. So, how did they do that? Oh my. How naive. Of course they were ahead of me. Not one step, but many roads. They knew what I was going to do before I could decide on it.

The job interview was indeed to get to know me. They wanted to know how to manipulate me, and I needed to give them that information. As I went about my work, they would add more information to my file to make sure that they could trigger me to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. They had all the information that they needed, because I kept giving it Continue reading

Choosing the Right Team to Fit Into

The phrase “to fit in our team” is to pay rent for having occupied my mind for too long, or I need to set it free immediately. I used to wonder what it really meant. In my line of previous thinking, it should mean that my contribution to team work should be complimentary to the contributions of the other team members. So, to assess whether I fit in, my qualifications and capabilities should be evaluated. And that is how I prepared for job interviews and the occasional reviews. I did not mind showing them that I knew how to tie my own shoelaces and to button my own coat.

After a while on the job, my line of thinking would seem to be out of sync. People did not like the way I did things. I could turn in an excellent report, but I would then have to listen to nonsense about my behavior. Continue reading

Children Need Revolution Needs Children


Cannot have revolution without children.

Arrested Development got that right. We cannot have a revolution, because we do not have our children’s back. Most of us do not even have – or want – our children. We only put up with them part-time. And most of that time they are asleep. The rest of the time we treat them like adults, and burden them with responsibilities that we should carry for them.

How are we to change this society to reflect the best that we would wish for our children – or at least for ourselves – if we are too busy to teach our own children? When did it start making sense that children spend their days at school regardless of whether Continue reading

It Adds Up to Systematic Deception

The system is all about stealing their money back. And we burn a lot of energy trying to get them more money. They set us up to work harder, and then step in to steal the money from us. We are too tired to stop them. It would not matter if we tried to stop them anyway, the system is designed to protect itself and its soldiers and puppets.

They steal from us and then blame us for being deceived. They send out conflicting messages, and wait for us to choose which one to believe. Once we have chosen, they will punish us for choosing. It does not matter what Continue reading

Money Is the Glue That Binds

I thought that working for them was going to help me to be financially successful. I feared walking away from this job, as long as I did not have my own business sorted out. Working all those hours for them and to deal with their harassment, robbed me of the energy to deal with my own business. The longer I stayed on, the more angry and resentful they got, the more energy I had to direct at keeping them at bay. I suffered along with my business.

I chose money over health, and had to pay the price. What an expensive lesson. Whatever I feared that Continue reading

Fool School

As the System controls the schools and school system, the children are going to learn whatever the System wants them to learn. The System needs the children to understand to play by the rules dictated. The children need to become adults who think like children, so they will work, pay taxes and incur debts, without objecting to it. The debts are to insure that they will work more and pay more taxes.

Most of the subjects taught in school did not make sense to me. When I started to work, all I could apply was  mathematics. No other school subject was of use. The most important thing at work seemed to Continue reading