EU Con Jure

Recently, I decided to take up studying EU constitutional law theory to get clear on the mechanisms again. I started where I had left off as a EU jurist many years ago: the draft constitution of the EU that got shot down by the people of France and Holland. I started to feel pretty good about seeing through some of the misinformation in the articles I was reading. Knowledge of the pillars and law structure came in handy to shift through the pretense of legitimacy. Reading the material, I rested assured that there was no way the UK could exit the first pillar to find its peril.

Then the Brexit referendum happened and the prick minister announced his resignation. That is, he will not resign until he is done with whatever he is really doing but not telling. Typical, but it was probably according to plan anyway. As long as Britain could not Brexit, it meant nothing to me. I took my time to look at article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and understood that the people really do not have a say in it. It is the State that first has to decide, and then the EU gets to decide as if a State. Nowhere is there any room for people – or any government aligned with the people – to have a say on what UK or EU, is to decide. Continue reading


The Stuff Money Is Made Of(f)

ObamaThe fact that our birth certificates are a commodity traded on the stock exchange, is no longer hard to understand. As I learn more and more about the sick few who put themselves in control of the world, but are out of control of themselves, it has come to make perfect sense. These brokered birth certificates show how their System has us in a strangle hold.

Most countries have a limited period in which newly born have to be accounted for to the System. They want to know about new property immediately. Those who hide property from the System will get punished for doing so. I still scratch Continue reading

Choosing the Right Team to Fit Into

The phrase “to fit in our team” is to pay rent for having occupied my mind for too long, or I need to set it free immediately. I used to wonder what it really meant. In my line of previous thinking, it should mean that my contribution to team work should be complimentary to the contributions of the other team members. So, to assess whether I fit in, my qualifications and capabilities should be evaluated. And that is how I prepared for job interviews and the occasional reviews. I did not mind showing them that I knew how to tie my own shoelaces and to button my own coat.

After a while on the job, my line of thinking would seem to be out of sync. People did not like the way I did things. I could turn in an excellent report, but I would then have to listen to nonsense about my behavior. Continue reading

Education on the Money System (2)

Nothing works without people believing in it. I grew up with money, television and movies, school and work, and food. And I believed all of it. Family and friends served as puppets to push the System on me from close-up. I had to accept money as the norm as my family and friends showed me that it was the only way to get what I wanted. Television showed me that what they were teaching me was the right thing to believe, and school provided the empty theories as the ultimate ‘proof’.

Work proved to be kindergarten for adult children. All the indoctrination was played out in sick ways. How does food fit in? Well, if I was not dumb enough to like the System, then I would just have to numb myself and look the Continue reading

Education on the Money System (1)

As I am still a money-slave, I do not mind to break free of the debt System through its collapse. However, the debt System is only one part – granted a very big part – of the money System. Therefor, I am not to look at a possible debt collapse only, but at the whole money System disappearing. This hope might have been fed as I learned that the banking psychopaths are planning for just that. They plan for a better enslavement or annihilation, whereas I need to plan for freedom from all their Systems.

As the trillionaire psychopaths are patient, I found it necessary to do some in-between-Systems homework. Instead of planning to get out of the money System at once – which I have failed to do so far – I decided to get Continue reading

Children Need Revolution Needs Children


Cannot have revolution without children.

Arrested Development got that right. We cannot have a revolution, because we do not have our children’s back. Most of us do not even have – or want – our children. We only put up with them part-time. And most of that time they are asleep. The rest of the time we treat them like adults, and burden them with responsibilities that we should carry for them.

How are we to change this society to reflect the best that we would wish for our children – or at least for ourselves – if we are too busy to teach our own children? When did it start making sense that children spend their days at school regardless of whether Continue reading

Rise Above The Fool School System

school prison AdjollyIt is easy to blame the school system for my lack of understanding. They claimed to have the expertise to teach me what I needed to know to be successful in this society. I can now see that there had been some misunderstanding. For some reason, I had understood that the school would teach me the subjects that I needed to understand to be able to apply in my career and be successful. I had come to expect that career and the success.

Imagine my surprise when the career and success did not happen the way I had come to envision it all. I now think that what the school meant to communicate is that 1) the Continue reading