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The Stuff Money Is Made Of(f)

ObamaThe fact that our birth certificates are a commodity traded on the stock exchange, is no longer hard to understand. As I learn more and more about the sick few who put themselves in control of the world, but are out of control of themselves, it has come to make perfect sense. These brokered birth certificates show how their System has us in a strangle hold.

Most countries have a limited period in which newly born have to be accounted for to the System. They want to know about new property immediately. Those who hide property from the System will get punished for doing so. I still scratch Continue reading

Money System

empty walletMoney is supposed to be about trading one product or service for another. I go to work for a boss or client, and I get paid for my work because I have helped that person add value to her business or helped make room for more enjoyment of his life. I have many skills, so I should find it easy to have an income that allows me to pay others to add value to my business or life. I should be able to pay someone else to do my cooking and cleaning, and I should be able to enjoy many nice vacations a year outside of the country. Those are the simplest of promises the system made me.

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