Doctor Radical Or Nether Expert

Radical?! There you have it. I got sabotaged to get called “radical”. Is not owning a pair of doc martens a minimum requirement? I did own a bomber jacket once. Way too big, but simply had to have it for no good reason other than to have it. I never returned to that store for getting pushed to buy it. How popular could it be if they only had one? I was to make the best of it, really. Unable to analyze why I had to at all. Silly teenager unable to recognize the powers that dictate the fashions of this engineered world. But, not so silly that I would let anyone talk me into getting docs too. Better invest my crumbs of hard-earned money in school books filled with nonsense and outright lies, and learn how to fail.

Radical? I got sabotaged from enjoying life, to see doctored programs operate to keep people busy. Watching people enjoy their spot in the matrix. They seem unconcerned with the fact that their words are hollow repeats dictated by programs. Readily aligning to like what they are allowed to enjoy. One day the same as the next, really. Unable to ponder on without getting out of the shiny box. Silly people competing into the hive. Well fit to their spot in an engineered society. Some care not for it. Combating to stay out alive. Some of us want to get to fly. It is what the ‘blue man’ promised when he set the show in motion. Silly me if I was to follow. For they continue to take freelance as volunteer.

Radical. I could turn it into an honorary title, but it was not meant as such. I am nowhere near such construct, but if it helps any with the documentary on the virtual construct of me, I could try it on. See what all the fuss is about. What is so special about me reading coded news papers and exchange houred words with the coding agents? Someone must give a damn, really. They must know me from the matrix. The one standing amazed, looking at the changing details on the screens. Still no handle on my own power. I can only talk old stuff like a historian, while I figure out where the echo is coming from. Watch the borgs download information and pushed to phish for more. But, you get what you pay for.

Radical? Minding my own business that got sabotaged to serve other business. For I know something is going on if they keep their servants form their pensions. I can talk pensions with the best of them, but that was not what I was picking up on. Deliberate tension and debilitating need-to-know. They do not need the money, really. So the governors must be needing the upset. Feeling some of the servants getting too comfortable, they want to get more eyes off the ball while they upgrade the matrix behind their backs. It was in another movie. Showing to select people to survive underground. Look at it as selection for upgrades. Only the best get a pass, others to remain competing in the old system.

Radical. It is not funny enough to laugh my ass off and roll on the floor. So what am I then? Writer. Not anymore, really. Once you claim it, it no longer works. I should not have been surprised that it did not work. The pay has been worse than lousy. Forced to move on – yet again. With so many eyes on every word I write, utter, think, I can only be a doctor. Radical doctor? Boots of the radical I cannot fit, really. Can only be an expert analyst. For whomever lurks behind this matrix, already constructing the next one. There is no need to take my work for it. Just show them your ticket. Oh, that is right. I have mine, but you do not have yours. So, why would I take on the role of becoming your radical?!




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