Taxing Negative Oil Spill

After dumping oil, spilling oil, burning oil, wasting oil, there is tax to get rid of more oil? Hmm. I actually do not feel like writing on any politics, but it always boils right down to it. This nugget of mislead needs to get put to rest where it belongs. Back in the media that pushed it forth. Instead of a lecture – and use of proper political and financial economic myth – to simply rant, and push this terrorist act back into the garbage can it came from. To allow for more comfortable space for the disintegrating elephant in the room. And to keep an eye out for the donkey that keeps fading in and out.

10 dollar tax per barrel. The announcement got underplayed in media, but apparently I am part of media, so here comes some overplay. Still awaiting the day when my rants can pay for exorbitant rent.

Even students starting business school can recognize the stunt as penal matters. Government refusing to properly tax corporations before, well aware of the ‘creative’ financial myths. But now that digital money disappears back into the digital death it got evoked from, the oil companies are given an ‘incentive’ to SELL. Hmm. Government forcing oil companies to SELL? The same government that knew corporations were planning to SINK the prices and money invested in the scam. Even the fake house of saud shared their plans before they started stealing, burning,wasting oil and dumping oil prices – all at the same time.

Puzzled by many oil spills and burning of fields against the myth of scarcity, it is hard for even a graduate from business school to get to understand what the hell is going on. Well, mister president, thank you for clearing it up. You moved too fast when before you did not move at all. Luckily I trained my speed of sight on other presidents. And within quite a short time, I could understand the penal move. No better not boast. It is better to write that I had been working on it for a few days already. The tax call speeding it up.

It is not a small accomplishment to have people understand the fraud of GDP. China had not been paying attention, and caught the flack. With transparency in any finances resembling the most smoggily capitalistic cities, it could not pass it on to Japan fast enough. Japan fast enough to put the focus elsewhere. Somewhere leading back to Eumerika. Eumerika quickly complaining about Western-trained Japanese leaders. No time to laugh at it, as I am to return to the business of SELLING – TAXING – SELLING – DUMPING – god damn BURY it – oil. (The “god damn” is characteristic of the oil business, so no apologies.)

Ranting on. GDP? All it takes is basic knowledge of a balance sheet to see how at least the old way of calculating the number – which is incorporated in the new ways of calculating the number – allow for hiding losses, and much else. Same as with oil. You can play golf – gaming – gambling – god damn fraud – with the numbers all day long. (The “god damn” part is characteristic in scam business. Any respectable president knows how to pronounce it with much charisma to make it slot into the brains of his captive audience.)

Tax. People without formal business know that it is a penalty for breathing on land that should belong to no one, or all. There are exceptions, like nations built on lava land near ever spewing volcanoes or those that have managed to take land back from the sea, and live on that land. That is the only ‘new’ territory that is eligible for ownership by mankind. In my not so humble opinion. But, that opinion is taking away from my rant.

So. Penal ties. 10% tax or whatever it will get adjusted to when no one even pretends to attempt to pay it. For, HOW would companies with NEGATIVE earnings pay tax for that?! I can ask that question, as it has been one of my many fields of expertise. I have had negative earnings myself for years. The house that claims ownership of me, moved to claim that I had no business. I was to get MORE penal tied than anyone else. All my research and efforts down the drain? Or, allowing me to see that the oil companies that are still in business, will simply deduct the tax fine along with the standing tax breaks – you know, the break of NOT paying tax, it is off-shore after all – WHILE hauling in money through secondary and third hand ‘public’ and private offerings. Owners making even more money.

Tax as an excuse to drive prices back up, while ‘fixing’ the barrel inventory until the next generation can be made to believe in the scarcity myth again? Not a dime in taxes paid, and negative earnings already correcting themselves. That easily? No. It is my rant, and I can write what I want to, but I do like to keep things on the tangible side of events. The house of saud can continue to dump oil to control the price for quite a while. Penal ties on NOT selling – dumping – selling – burning – burying – okay, you god damn get it – cannot stop that.

Distraction tactics. It is not even a proper strategy, so why would the public buy into it? I have heard small time crooks sell better stories on magic money. But, that is another story, right? Wrong. It is my rant and I can rant the way I want to. But, as I am getting bored with myself, I shall move on.

Abundance of oil has been a fact forever, but government pitched scarcity in schools, and I had to break the mind control, to be able to get a better understanding. Food prices were said to depend on oil prices for many reasons too boring to list. But if there is an abundance of oil, and prices finally show so, then should food prices not get lowered dramatically too? Instead, I discovered yet again prices on selected products going up. NO food prices going back down to the level before the planned craze. Yet another scam? In my not so humble opinion, I will call it a scam. As workers are not getting paid decent wages, the money must be streaming into the pockets of the owners. Streaming just like oil.

Who is going to pay for the mass mess? South-America and Africa – what is left of it – put under more pressure. It does not have to be that way. The lower prices offer the leverage to sell much more in their own region again. Build up plenty buffer against the planned next assault. Cut off the export from Arabia and Eumerica. Oh, getting carried away there, I was doing so well for a minute. There has to be at least a facade of still accepting some oil, or else there will be severe droughts to pay. Too much politics, so it is time to end the rant. Stop getting in the way of people who have expensive solar panels to SELL. TAX. SELL. TAX. SELL. Whatever. The rhetoric of 10 dollar tax per vat oil is now well enough cast off. Your move mister president.


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