Life or Debt

They are always quick to claim success. But, behind the mask of success always lurks vast cunning and conniving. These are the people who had at one time decided to fake it so they could make it, to find that they have to keep faking it otherwise they may never make it. Make it to where?

They are stuck in a system that preys on them. A system that taught them to borrow money to finance their dreams. Dreams the system promoted through propaganda and advertising. Change their death for debt. If they were willing to get into debt, then they could fake that they had made it. Made immoral. Uh, immortal. That is what they are looking for.

They flaunt ownership of the house, the cars, and their kid’s schooling. No matter, as it is easy to figure out that they do not own anything but debt. A huge debt to humanity and Nature, for taking more than their due share. These thieves have no share. Who let them rule then?

It seemed so cute to let the children play ruler for a little while. We were laughing at their antics. Not recognizing that all that these children knew was war and death. And now they have a… bank. The bank getting us stranded so they can own it all. They do not share.

As I know that they are bragging about getting into debt, it is easy to not be envious of them nor their life-style. They would be one pay-check, one divorce, one uncovered medical bill, one third world war away from a harsh reality check. But… we let them own the bank.


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