The Law Is Whatever They Make of It

Is it any use to complain about biased laws? Is it any use to complain about unjust judges? Is it any use to complain about greedy lawyers? And, is it any use to complain about ignorant clients?

If the people who made and use their System to their own benefit, have no need for justice for the people that they govern, then it is no use to complain about the System. Any change they make, is to further benefit them, not us. It says so in the first chapter of Plato’s Republic. A just man takes the words to mean that it does not pay to be unjust. Whereas an unjust man takes the words to mean that there is no limit to the fortune he can hearken together by cheating the just and the ignorant alike. Even more fortune if he manages to steal from other unjust characters while he is at it.

These self-chosen ones have a different state of mind. They see nothing wrong with lying and stealing. When we hire one of their lawyers, do we not expect them to lie if that is how to win the case? We know full well that lawyer stands for liar. But, as long as they do not lie to us, we are fine with it. How shocking to find that they have never spoken a true word to us. Especially when it comes to the bill. They bill for phone calls and e-mails that bring no merit to the case whatsoever. It is up to you not to answer that phone, or it will cost you. And put down in the reply e-mail that you have already answered the question put forward, and leave it at that.

It is of little use combating them, because they excel in their con game. Those who decide to con the con men lose twice. They lose the game and themselves. It is better to know beforehand that those who steal most money wear suits. Train yourself to look at that tie to see a noose. Is hangman a game you want to keep teaching your children? Then explain to them that it is not about guessing a word, but about guessing who orders the hanging. The ones teaching them the game. To dumb down your children with that toxic game, is to prepare them to be excellent puppets in the real hangman game called life. Too gloomy? I am not suicidal, but I have read reports of how it has become the latest fashion. And I wonder why it is always the victim that turns into hangman?

Want to beat the liars and cheaters at their game? Well, rule number one is to stay alive. They are not afraid of ghosts. How many more millions do they have to kill before that becomes clear? No. They hate people who are alive and not buckling under the pressure that they put on them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stand up for something. I have chosen to write, and not be nice. Lawyers are liars, who have sworn alliance to the self-chosen few. No case gets won without it benefiting their System most.

It is sad to see lawyers fumble cases badly and still win. They do not win because the other side did worse, but because the judge had reason to ignore the fumble and replace it with a more befitting argument. To go to court is to know that you are outnumbered. The judge is part of the other side. Blind justice or blind to justice? Irrelevant. They uphold a completely different definition of justice than they advocate to the ignorant masses. It is right there in the first chapter of the Republic.

Of what use is it to combat their System? They have their back-up System all ready. Police State. Combined with a vast InterWeb. The only difference is the pretense. They were already stealing our money through banks, insurance companies, government taxes, over-priced toxic consumer goods, and ridiculously inflated prices of necessities. But, now they show us – without any guilt nor remorse – how they had already planned to turn our toxic consumer goods against us. They show us how the programs in their hi-techware, made us into spies. They watch us rejoice in being dumbed down into children with shiny toys, to help them spy on us.

Wisen up. We need to demand our money back. But, what lawyer is going to help us sue them and win the case? Of course there are lawyers out there who are not of them. But, they cannot win the case. As I am not talking about suing the bank president only. Who is that bank president taking orders from? Who are all those presidents taking orders from? Sue them all.

Spoken too soon. We do not have that much time. It is their System, and they can do whatever they want to frustrate reparations. While we get harassed by judges and their System, they put in place new laws that will make justice – the common brand – impossible. Any surprise that we might bestow upon them, already got neutralized. All the while we continue to feed their System our time, energy, and ever more money.

Instead of taking them to court, we need to claim damages from the toxic companies and government directly. Start putting numbers on our losses, and send those letters to them. We need to start behaving like creditors, and start sending out bills to collect, before making use of their System. And to beware. When we set up an alternative system, watch them move close and steal it from us. To wreck it or to further their daylight robbery. Either way, it works for them. These predators will blame their prey for its ignorance, and walk away with the profit. Now what?


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