False Exit

founding fathers funny ads

I keep showing information to my family members and it’s really disturbing, it’s like they are not human and have no concern and are completely apathetic. It makes me so ill to be around them. They are not human anymore, they are robotrons or cyborgs. It’s very scary, i’m so confused as to what happened to them. They do not care if they are poisoned or if other people are killed. They say they do but then only care about their superficial lives. I see why this whole collapse is happening. The people are bringing it on themselves. If everyone showed care and compassion for others, these dark forces would not be able to thrive.

They are a manifestation of the evil of human beings on this planet. I see people who do not care about others and only want to worship fake religions, watch fake tv and numb their brains with fake prescription meds and believe that their slave jobs are so important and their fake education really teaches them anything. I feel like i’m living in Satan’s den..and i’m so ready to get the hell out of this nut house. Help! Where is the Exit door. I need out of this insane asylum. — getmeout on exopolitics.blog.com (14 November 2012)


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