Health Scare System

Something old for the new year. This article does not deal with Ebola, because after Ebola there will be something else. Because before this Ebola triplet there were already plenty of other somethings.

Dear Health Scare System

It is only of use to study how the system views our health. The pharmaceutical-insurance-health-scare-industrial-complex profits from creating diffusion and illusion when it comes to classifying physical or mental malfunction. The engineered division into objective (approved) and subjective (ignored) disease is successful due to the fact that health care is perceived to be the expert realm of doctors – and ‘experts’ who speak for them.

Once the public got stripped from health (care) knowledge and that knowledge was said to be in possession of the doctors only, the system was ready to complete the next step. Next to keep the doctors from health (care) knowledge, and keep them believing in the fake division between body and mind so thoroughly that they would invent ever more divisions themselves. The doctors so entranced that they would testify on the lives of their parents, that patients without objective illness were mere hypochondriacs subjecting themselves to ignorance. Or, when they get pay checks from the pharmaceutical drugs barons to do so, they would readily declare that the patients did have objective (approved) problems that needed to get numbed with drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs.

As I am not a medical doctor, I am legally not allowed to comment on medical issues without a cautionary (responsibility evading) clause. Not being a medical doctor, I still dare to say that all illnesses – approved and ignored alike – can be seen as psychological (too). Physical illness does not exist without interaction in the mind. When it comes to physical illness, the body may seem to have a mind of its own, but it is still part of the mental mind allowing one to function at all.

Health Scare Psychopaths

The sickness of the health-scare-industry is also psychological. The expert psychopaths think nothing of killing as much people as they can – slowly or fast. As long as they can make fast and vast money out of it, to support their other ‘hobbies’. As long as they remain in power, it does not matter to them what happens to the ‘people’. People are dispensable and disposable to them. We are test dummies ready to be tested on without our consent. How much mercury, fluoride and chloride are they trying to get rid of, anyway?

Germ Warfare 3The government is a means to an end. Government officials and bureaucrats are used to implement the health-scare-system without our consent. Ever since government got heavily involved in the health-scare-industry, public health care got steadily worse. Diseases got more complex names to keep people ignorant. The simple names that are made up for the public never cover the extent of the disease, it only covers up the cause. The cows did not get mad by accident, and pigs usually do not give up on life over a flu. So it is a good thing that it came to light that they fed the animals gentech corn and pieces of their own kind. But, what about the ‘antibiotics’ the animals get injected with on a daily basis?

Instead of using less toxins and antibiotics, the pharma-drugs-industry tells us to accept the same treatment as the cows and pigs. Keep eating the factory animals, and buy their antibiotics and drugs to ward of ill side-effects. The names of pharma-drugs are kept ‘simple’. OmniHIB for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, the ‘flu shot’ or LAIV for Influenza A H3Nv2. Sure, the mercury, antibiotics and whatnot in the vaccines are a problem, as the animals have already shown. But, how did the swine flu get from H1N1 to H3Nv2?! Is the health-scare-complex testing us to see if we will keep vaccinating if they change the numbers?

The bottom line is that those psychopaths keep poisoning us as they hide behind the laws that they make. Their laws are only of use to study how the system views our worth. It is clear that the disabled get excluded, and need to figure out for themselves how to function well enough to be able to survive enough. The bait called protection remains fiction for most of us. A fixed lottery. Government demands proof of illness only to contradict it. The illness will be claimed not objective enough, not severe enough, or not related to the alleged cause at all. Even when it comes to mental illness the label “subjective” is at the ready for unscrupulous use.

The health-scare-complex full well knows that there is no separation of body and mind. They have been experimenting with our bodies long before their nazis took hold of that practice. Trans-Atlantic slavery, anyone? Whatever happened to those big small pox blankets? Do not think that the health-scare-complex limits their experimenting to a specific ‘race’ or ‘the enemy’. They can make any enemy (terrorist) up, and our media-training will make us buy into it… for a while.

Do not buy into the lie of health care or disability protection by law. We are fighting over a few crumbs, while the trillionaire psychopaths feast on a mountain of cakes made out of our bodies. The few example cases high-lighted in the media are only bait. To make people believe that the system ‘works’. It is better to invest in staying healthy by being informed, getting information, and demanding to be asked for consent in all your affairs while refusing to give it.

The system ‘works’ to keep us scared, and run to the system to make the bog-eyed man they created for us, go away. The bogey man will only invent more illness, stories and laws to keep us scared, confused and busy. Why? So, we do not have the time and space to open our eyes and see they are the real bog-eyed man. The boogey man may be scared that we might think of demanding our minds back. All of it.



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