A Code to the Madness?

Information Technology 4From KHADWA: The Code of Truth
By Steffan Stridsberg

666 – Technology


The convenience of computers is everywhere. Even a simple inexpensive $3 watch contains a computer. No longer does it merely tell time; it also can add and subtract, keep time in three different zones, give the day and the date, and beep at predetermined intervals. Computerized voices in fancy cars warn you if you have not fastened your seat belt, that your oil is low, or that you are almost out of fuel. The proliferation of computers has created a strong dependence on them, for real need and pure convenience. The average American’s name is accessed 35 times a day by computer, and this is only the beginning as we become plugged into the ever-growing system.


The gentlemen who came up with the laser reader in supermarkets for IBM also invented the means of placing the same kind of bar code beneath living tissue in one-billionth of a second. This marking is totally invisible to the naked eye, and it can be read only by a certain type of laser. The writing and reading is totally harmless and painless. The inventor demonstrated this system in 1979 by marking salmon as they swam downstream. The fish were totally unaware of the process as the laser burned a code into their flesh. The computer then keeps track of the codes. Years later, these fish will be detected by the same system as they swim back upstream and are forced through fish ladders and chutes.


Finally everything for everyone would be done by machines. The concern is that we are reaching a highly automated state, which if followed to the next logical step might have profound impacts on how we rate life.


Even more startling was an statement made by an other chairman of an eastern megabank: He announced that a method is in place that can imprint in human hands a silicon chip the size of the head of a pin. That chip will include not only the person’s identification number, Social Security number, name and birthplace, but also his criminal background, educational level, financial worth in the community, and his political affiliations. Such a system is currently manufactured by Taymar Inc Westminister CO. The U.S Agriculture Department uses the product for cattle. Will it be used for people in the future? With such a system, the minute someone walked through the door of the bank, he would be sensed and the bank would know who he was, where he came from, what he did, and how much he was worth. All this would occur before a person could reach the counter.


There had been discussions about placing codes on the hand to be used as identification marks, like fingerprints, similar to package bare codes in supermarkets. With such a system you would not need cash or a validated check or even a Smart Card. You could put your hand through a laser and be read by the computer. The store would automatically deduct the amount of the purchase from your account. The method would be efficient in terms of cost, speed, thoroughness, and elimination of bad checks. But the price of all this automation is individual independence from nameless bureaucrats looking over your shoulder and approving every transaction.


The amount of control would be unprecedented: however, the government would immediately know how to put this control to use. People would no longer be able to cheat the government because every time anyone had any money, the government would know about it. Even a law breaker who traded with stolen goods would have his purchase and sale traced by computer as he tried to move or spend funds. The government would monitor every transaction, knowing precisely everyone’s location, actions, and worth. Instant evaluations, approval or disapproval, and tax deductions on every individual would be made.


Small wonder that the government like this idea. Governments have always liked control. They would like to control everything, even the areas they say they do not want to control, such as business, transportation, education, religion, entertainment, and other governments.


The government controls religion by granting tax exemption to “desired religions” and by making it illegal to pray in school. The government exercises control of entertainment by licensing and or censoring television, radio, movies, and books. The Federal Government also seeks to control other governments by rewarding or threatening them with trade concessions, military or economic aid, sanctions, or war. The highest people in government, it would seem, want the government to have total control of everything.


The chairman of the megabank was asked what it would take to motivate people to put little pieces of silicon under their skin. He answered: a major catastrophe. He knew people would not do it voluntarily. Of course if there was a financial or national catastrophe, the government would exercise unprecedented control, and compliance of citizens would be anything but voluntary.


The central computer for America is in Texas, and the international computer that ties all the national central computers together is situated in Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first three floors of which are occupied totally by this system’s hardware. Because of its size, the Brussels computer is referred to affectionately as “the Beast”.


Many advanced computers are available with many designations, but one is especially interesting. NCR produced a six-core memory computer with 60 bytes per word in conjunction with six bits to the character. It is named and advertised as the 6- 60-6 which defines the size and shape of the computer. The only way this can be pronounced is six sixtysix (666). In computer language, 666 has a unique significance.


In the Book of Revelation; John said that 666 is the mark of the beast. This number also represents the universal consistency of the computers that will be required to control the world’s finances and thus the world’s people. When John wrote 1900 years ago, he did not know anything about the binary number system, computers, or why computers would require binary coded decimals. Yet, he stated emphatically that the mark of the beast is 666.


Is this to say that the endtime beast is merely a building located in Belgium? No! The Brussels computer is no more the beast that a general is an army. The significance is that computerization for financial dominance is the financial beast.


The beast; is a false god and the worship of that false god. Worship means “worth respect”. A false god does not have to assume the figure of a man: It is the physical representation of that which controls, that which is worshipped. So, if people worship the $ symbol too much for what it can acquire, influence, or accomplish, then that can qualify it as the false god. The Brussels computer is only the figurehead of a vast, soon-to-be indispensable financial network that will control all financial transactions and thus all business and people.


He who controls the system controls all. What is feared by some is that whoever is in control will demand that all take the mark on their hand to be able to buy and sell. Money, credit cards, and check-books would be totally eliminated. Everything would be done through the government, through the computer, giving the government total control. The greatest fear is that when receiving the mark, you also may be forced to pledge allegiance to your flag and, as in the days of kings, to your ruler, but in this case the world leader would be the Antichrist. Of course, to have allegiance with the Antichrist is to make a pact with the Devil. If you think that this unified system is very far away, then you have missed some intriguing news items.

Source: The Delicate Balance by John Zajac, 1989-1990.


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