What More Is There Left to Say?

The Borg Why complain about me not posting last week? I doubt that my post on the Pharma drugs would have shed any new light on the evil ones. We know their drugs are poisons, yet their sales and profits keep skyrocketing. Pearls to the swine. So, I held back the post and went fishing. Phishing for something more interesting to say. Yet, how incredible that the world kept on turning without me complaining about the sick ones who entrapped us into their stinking thinking! Let me continue my complaining anyway.

I understand that material life is an entrapment in itself, but what I learned from those safely hiding away in monasteries, temples and caves, is that the attachment to this life is difficult enough to break without sick people intent on building even better traps. The bad news is that the Matrix has already been built. It was a figment of their imagination that has been made into a reality. The good news is…  Let me think for a moment. Ah. There must still be plenty of loopholes in the Matrix for some of us to be able to avoid turning into the Borg. Yep, sour grapes is all I got to give. Do not eat them though, I suspect that they were sprayed with Round Up and many other delicious MoreSatan chemicals.

All the good news that I found in the old news, has already been effectively neutralized, and our ignorance of that fact has been used against us. Do not confuse anyone in the legal profession with someone seeking Justice. There is only swift injustice available in their legal System. Those pointing out loopholes in the System – soon to be known to be the Matrix – get awarded. The money made available is to help other prey believe in their lack of Justice, and waste time and money pursuing what is not available. The judges and lawyers make money regardless. The victim becomes a victim with ever less money. The legal System is nothing but a money displacing machine. We pay them to deny us our rights. Any lawyer foolish enough not to play along, will find his career soon compromised. As if by secret agreement no more cases can be won. Time to win another career.

Where is the fallen liar to find another job? Nothing has changed this century. Find your way into the system of government bureaucracy and politics, the system of pharmaceuticals and poison food, the system of therapy and addict recovery, the system of policing and security (including war activities), the system of research and spying. And computers. That is, the computer software. There is an almost infinite appetite for Numerati who know how to get computers to act more like… robots.

The sheeple and computers are to meet halfway. If the people submit to acting more like robots, then it will suffice to equip the computers with a few fake emotions and call it a day. Out of touch with their emotions, people will follow the dictate to ‘choose’ for the safety of a predictable robot over faking shallow bonding with other human zombies. Until, the robot shows that it has been faking it to make it, too. I, robot, will annihilate you, human. It is a Will Smith movie, but I hear the voice of Schwarzenegger. All those movies (r)evolve around the same theme. Terminator Arnold did mention that he would be back.

Terminator 2It is a problem. Without emotions, people are not as manipulable as the sick ones want them to be. If people will only watch more television programming and big screen indoctrination. They need to believe that the short range of emotions – the sheer lack of it – that the sick actors show, is the only way for them to react. Get rid of all the other emotions and feelings. Why are people still crying about stranded whales and seals, oil-drenched birds and turtles, and plastic islands forming in the middle of the oceans? So what if the hurricanes and earthquakes are planned?

Who cares about Africans and Indians dying from gen-tech AIDS? Yawn. When are people going to get over child abuse, sexual slaves, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade… Ah, they do ignore the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. See, that is how they should address the whole sick System. Just get over it. Move on. Uh, well within the FEMA parameters, of course. Keep turning the other cheek, round and round. It is too late to stop any “slave trade” now. As soon as all the FEMA camps are ready, it will be “slaves trading among themselves” within the camps anyway. Wait a minute… is that not what zombie society is already?! Slaves bickering among themselves, trading trinkets, thinking that they are free?

The Matrix is built so the sick ones can more efficiently feed off their slaves. We can still catch some sun, get into our cars and drive up to the mountains or down to the beach. We have a bank card, and feel that we have the freedom to spend their money anyway we wish to. As long as we can dash about, we can remain blissfully unaware of the Matrix locking more and more people into place. The virtual duplicate that the evil ones have created for each and every single one of us, has already been dumbed down enough to make the same retarded decisions that we make every day. The sick ones have their Numerati put in the codes and stolen personal information, and the virtual duplicate shows them what the real person is about to do. The Numerati work hard to get the virtual duplicate to come to the same decisions faster and to predict accurately.

Already, the System acts on the computer-generated outcome. The sick ones move to either allow for it or to block it. They send out the men in black. Ah, more science-reality. Do not be fooled by current-fiction. The men in black can be the next-door neighbors. All of a sudden they are advising you against going on a trip to Australia. The warning against traveling outside of the county has already appeared on programming television and in the fake newspapers, so all the friendly neighs have to do, is to reinforce that message. Societal conditioning will ensure that the message sticks to the sufficiently indoctrinated mind, and all of a sudden there will be plentiful excuses at hand to not go to Australia after all. Instead, once again, Disney World seems like a worthy alternative.

The Matrix has been in place in non-virtual form for centuries, but now we will get more and more confronted with the virtual System that is already up and running. Ready to directly or indirectly influence our thinking in a more subtle way than the System has done so far. See all the antennas appearing on roof tops in your city? The government spares no expense to get them up on the roofs of government buildings and private buildings that are rented out. Financial crisis? ‘Funny’ how people still want to get distracted by that. In the meanwhile they get radiated into submission. Good luck trying to get them to remove those radiation poles off the roof of your rented apartment or the church across the street. It may be better to spend time figuring out how to block yourself from the radiation and manipulation, instead of waiting until the cancer, and the stress caused by the inflated medical bills, force you to move into that nursing home with three death towers on its roof.

The BorgFor now the option to move away is still viable. The FEMA camp still encompasses the whole country, so one can move to another city or state without too much of a hassle. Or endure the hassle and radiation at airports and get away from it all. However, how long until the radiation poles get plastered all over your new ‘safe’ place too? Then what?  No hiding place. They will not allow for trespassers into the nature reserves that they have declared all over the globe. All of Nature has already been divided among the sick ones, and we are not welcome at their party. It is their nature now.

We get sidetracked with financial crises, but that is only one part of their sick game. While we cry over our disappearing money, they have taken away our food, our land, our Nature. What is the use of money if we have no real food to spend it on? Survival of the fittest. Either we buy their sick food and survive, and become a better – sicker – version of humans. Zombies, robots, or puppets. Whatever they aim for, it is to be without those pesky emotions and feelings. Or… die. Oh well, there were too many useless eaters whining about things they cannot change anyway.

Now what? Teach your children what has been going on while we were sleeping. Then what? Teach them that freedom is the only thing worth dying for. That they should not fear death nor freedom. The evil ones have their deaths planned already, so they may as well choose freedom.


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