How Much More “In Your Face” Can They Get?

Dead PresidentsI do not like to write about politics. It would be such a waste of time to pretend that there is such a thing as democracy anywhere. The world is a republic of the rich. Ultra rich. Über rich. Filthy rich. Invisible rich. New World Republic.

But, sometimes I come across an old picture, and I feel a rant on fake politics coming up. Not to worry, I will take this as an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline. It is futile to hope that this picture was Photoshopped. We need evidence of these type of bold moves taken by these squinting rich imbeciles, who laugh at us for being poor imbeciles who are color blind.

What was it again? Blue for war criminals who play dumb? Red for war criminals who cannot pretend? Yes, Bill, very funny that blue shirt. I would be laughing too if I did not feel sick to my stomach looking at this picture. It hurts to be a poor imbecile too.

As I leave the politics of the sick ones to them, I do wonder how they survive in spite of their own insanity. They have poisoned our food, land, water, and air. So what do they eat and drink? Do they have their own food sources containing seeds and animals as Nature designed them? Do they have access to unpolluted Natural springs? No need to use their Google information gathering engine. The answer is yes. And they have many ways to unpollute whatever got polluted. They hide many things from us, not just our money.

More questions. Do they not breathe the same air as we do? Still no need for the Google spymaster engine. They must have fine-tuned their HAARP and chemtrails, to only target the areas where the poor imbeciles live. Or – and – they have pure oxygen tanks at home. I remember Michael Jackson getting ridiculed when he showcased one. It must have been really confusing for him. Instead of the poor imbeciles starting to look for their minds, they stamped him Wacko. As one of the blind poor imbeciles, I did not get it either. But, I get it now.

The importance of protecting myself, my food, water, and air. In tanks that can be shielded from pollution. Protect it all from the sick ones. Yet, even though I applaud my own second-hand idea, I do realize that I am way behind on the timeline. I should have done this when Wacko showed us to do it. Ever since man-made Katrina showed to be a success, the ‘government’ can access any property and take – and destroy – whatever we use to defend ourselves against phantom attackers. The very people we need to protect ourselves from, we cannot protect ourselves from. Who wants to get tasered by the police who will only serve and protect the highest bidder, for hiding food? No fear of energy scarcity when it comes to firing up their taser guns.

Whatever the filthy imbeciles are doing, we need to be doing. They hide food, we hide food. They use drugs, we use… Uh. Let me rephrase. Some of the things the filthy rich are doing, we need to be doing. We need to take care of our own selves, our own families, our own food and water. Make our own compost – actually this is where I sign off – and have fresh air tanks ready just in case our lungs give up on the poisoned air we get high on. Ah. See we do not have to invest in separate drugs, we get them for free already.  Still, they make us pay for poisoning us, and when we do not want poison, they make us pay more for less poison. A pure monopoly. Why keep buying their poison? I am pretty sure that I can do bad all by myself.

No space for your own garden? Well, time to meet the neighbours and start a joint garden. Or, like many people on the New World Web show, start a portable garden. No bank loan needed. Only some dirt, Natural seeds, and water. Do not take my word for it, ask some garden geek. I do not have green fingers, I have stiff fingers from all the typing that I do. Besides, I am only  pasting together some old news. Wacko died years ago. For all I know I put up a picture of dead presidents too.


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