Conspiracy Theory? What Whistle Have You Been Smoking?


What conspiracy? People used to talk about how the American government had secret prisons where people would be tortured and others would think it was just a crazy conspiracy theory until it was found out to be true. The evidence for the war in Iraq was manufactured which the government initially denied until it was exposed.

People used to think that the American government sanctioning the assassinations, without trial, of American citizens at home or abroad was just a conspiracy theory and we know that to be fact now. People are kidnapped, detained in many cases indefinitely without trial or killed in secret.

There are no more conspiracies – the story never adds up and we know the government is just covering up the truth which is why the government is cracking down on whistle blowers. — comment from ‘Politically Incorrect’ on (042413)

The problem with conspiracy theories is that most are no longer theories. Are there still people surprised at all the secret government plans that have been exposed? No. People still object because they are lazy and want others to serve them the answers. They want to sit on their plantation porches and let other people do the work for no pay. Two questions that irk me beyond belief are “so what?” and “now what?”

The so-what-people are easiest to deal with. Just ignore them, or point towards the nearest exit. Personally, I choose to make use of the exit myself. People who have no problem with the problem, are an even bigger problem. “So what?” if I walk away from them in great haste? They do not care anyway. They will find other people to harass. To know where to find new prey is to simply buy the information from the government. CISPA is only a cover up. To make legal what has already been done. So no one can file a claim, or have the hope of winning a pending court case. And to be able to exclude people and business from profiting from the information the way the System does. The trade in our information will continue no matter their fake laws, but only a few will be able to profit from it. We only get used to lock each other up in court.

CISPA? So what? Just look for the exit. Stop publishing all your information online. As a matter of fact, do not even save it on your computer. It is too late to worry about “cookies”. Those get stored on external hives whether you agree with it or not. Look at what you can do. Delete your “prefetch”, “history”, and “recent” files regularly. Do not take my word for it, ask a real computer geek. The government was able to track a Dutch hacker down in Spain. See how much effort the System spends on finding the true geeks. No matter the inflicted crises, they got jobs for them. And we sit, and waste time debating with so-what-people.

HypnotismThen the now-what-people. Typing it already irks me. “Now what?” It should already be crystal clear. Now what is to stop feeding the sick System. Stop buying more junk, when you already have more junk than you know what to do with laying around. Stop watching all the lies on tele-their-vision, in their mega-brain-bust movies, and on TheirTube. Stop reading their fake-news papers, propaganda magazines, and overpromoted best-selling books that only contain dumbed down information or straight up – “shaken, not stirred” – lies. Why would they invest in making you smarter, when you are too lazy to figure out “now what” yourself? Stop eating their junk food, and popping their pharma pills. Do not let the chemtrail rain come in contact with your hair, nor stop to smell the flowers that spring up out of pesticide-rich soil. Stop using microwave ovens, and turn off your mobile phone. These are just some tips for the beginners.

On to the next level. The advanced class is about bonding with family to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. No more “Dancing On Ice” or unreality nonsense to self-injure your brain. It is about spending time with family and making plans for now and then. See. “Now what?” does not mean anything without “what then?” To show that one is ready to take the next step. The work is never done, but plans need to be made. All noses need to point in one direction, so no member of the (extended) family can be caught with the pants down for another – new and improved – scam. Make sure that all family members understand the basics of exchange and trade. So that by the time money gets discussed, it will be clear that we are all getting short-changed. The need for family members to specialize will become clear. All families need their own doctors, lawyers, farmers, bakers, artists, entertainers, and wizards.

If your family lacks any of the important professions, then you will just have to marry one of your children off to a family that can fill that spot. Hmm. This is nothing new!!! That is what those self-chosen psychopaths have been doing for centuries with their inbreeding. Yet, the one profession they have plenty of they will hide from the public: the imbeciles. You think things are bad now? Wait until the imbeciles get to play with the zombies. Wait a minute. Maybe they did and do. All those wars. Concentration camps all over the world. Gen-tech diseases. Poison food. Playing father nature. I have stumbled onto the biggest scam of all! The imbeciles have already overthrown the greedy ones, and we did not realize it!

All this time we were thinking that we were dealing with smart people! Does the picture not clear up when you replace ‘greedy ones’ with ‘imbeciles’? Well, it clears it up for me. There is no convincing an imbecile to let go of the drone, is there? He (it) will push the button no matter what. Or, maybe even especially, because you told him (it) not to do it. He (it) will send a drone chaser, just to make sure that you never again try to tell him (it) what to do. Serves you right. And the few hundreds of people the drones kill. It was right in front of us all the time. Bush reacting to 911. Clinton playing with cigars. Sticks and stones? It rhymes with it.

HypnotismAs I started to write this post, I was sure that I was going to end the “so what” and “now what” debates. Or at least be able to distance myself from it for once and for all. To refer to the information put up at Predatory Practices. But, I have come to the problem of the problem. Those people are the first to call others imbeciles. It must hurt to actually be one. No matter how much power they have. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman. I am just an imbecile.” And for the other imbeciles to point at him, while they continued their war on us. I feel much lighter knowing what we are dealing with. We have been too distracted by “so what” and “now what” people to notice. Now what, is to understand who let the imbeciles loose.


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