Whose Shadow of What Economy?

Bank of England

European shadow economies are 22.1% of total economic activity or around $3.55 trillion (as large as Germany’s whole economy). A report by Tax Research, suggests that Austria and Luxemburg have the smallest shadow economies in the euro area at 9.7% of GDP, while Bulgaria at 35.3% and Romania at 32.6% top the list. Of the major economies, Germany clocks in at 16%, France at 15%, Italy at 27% and Spain 22.5%. Stunningly, in terms of tax revenues lost, the shadow economy translates into an estimated €864bn or just over 7% of euro area GDP and, in context, accounts for 105.8% of the [entire] healthcare spending of the EU. It appears that more and more Europeans have no choice but to shift to a shadow economy (as taxes rise among other things), and this is the biggest threat to the entire economy. This is likely one reason the ‘austerity’ actions have not been successful since far less taxes are being paid via the conventional channels. — Europe’s Shadow Economy, zerohedge.com (May 6th 2013)

For some reason I could not make myself write about banks again. As it was the next topic in line, I continued to take time off until I could. I understand that to write about insanity is to risk going insane, so I used the time out to check to see if I had crossed the line. The time-out was very revealing. There was no line to cross.  Clearly, I am already stark raving mad. I am writing articles based on old news, and am calling imbeciles… imbeciles. I am to accept my status of insanity, and sit down to write about the extra-curricular activities of banks.

But wait. What is this nonsense on GDP and shadow economy? If I had not already been stark raving mad, I would now be stark mad raving. How much more sick propaganda can I take? None. How can a shadow economy amount to a percentage of a fake GDP? There is no System without us. So, why settle to form a ‘shadow’ of the System that exploits us mercilessly? WE, THE SHEEPLE Inc, have no choice but to create a system of our own. But, it better not be a shadow of the System that was not built to accommodate us. I do not understand why people are still hip-skipping or hop-slopping along. When will we learn that if we do not want to get deceived, that we have to stop deceiving ourselves first?

The e-CON-o’-me is a System of lies and deceptions. The sick psychopaths pay robots and puppets to figure out what lies the sheeple want to hear so they will volunteer – or at least not protest – giving the greedy inbred pathetic excuses of human beings, this worthless paper called money. The paper is not even worth the ink printed on it. Most people work hard all day, and at the end of the month they await their stack of monopoly money. Monopoly is not a silly board game. Mon-o’-poly. Mine of many. Yes, I just made it up. Because I cannot bring myself to go into this again. I feel the need for another time-out coming up. ‘Oh, sanity. Sanity. Their kingdom, for some sanity.’

It is their money, and we get to loan it. They pay us in paper, and demand it back twice through taxes and other financial instruments. They even tax us when we spend the left-over paper on needs, wants and the silliest of desires. Guess who is teaching us to choose expensive wants over inexpensive needs? And now that most of us can no longer afford those expensive wants, we are shocked to find how much they have inflated the prices of our needs. It is called distraction. The puppet on one hand was to distract us from the other ten hands going through our wallets.

President World BankOnce again, and again, we are made to earn money so the System can make it. And instead of the System paying us, we are forced to pay them taxes, interest and costs. The banks separate us from their money, so the System has full control over it. It can now ‘calculate’ how much money is being made through whatever trade, and calculate how much more money could be made by trumping up figures by a few keyboard strokes. Economic theory is presented as if the System respects that the people are the economy, whereas the numbers are to help the psychos ‘calculate’ what toys they can buy when. Pure egonomy. And, it has to be old news before we will learn what toys their egos have been after.

In the meantime, we get fooled by constructs and theories, while we are taxed and fined for being allowed to live on the poisoned land and breathing the toxic air. Instead of fooling us with numbers of a shadow of an economy of irrelevant GDP, why not show us how impoverished we have become? Those who have money are left without a soul, those who are still linked to their souls are left without money. Interesting. Now that I put it this way, material poverty does not seem that bad.

It may not seem that bad, but it is. Want to know what the rich imbeciles eat? It has been called ‘news’, but it is old. Anyone watching the increase in patents for organic produce already knows that the filthy rich eat organic food. Here is more old news. Some of them do not eat. They survive on liquid nutrients ‘bombs’, and whenever an organ fails them they buy a new one. When their brains start to fail, no one recognizes the difference, so they do not waste too much time on it – only repair whatever they can. These inbred few might have a form of genetic prenatal brain rot. Sigh. I better calm down, before I get accused of being jealous of such fine examples of people with morals. When I should get accused of envy. The psychopaths have real food to eat, as they oversee us earn more paper. Maybe we should start eating the paper?

Money has been programmed into our brains, and as we still think that it can work for us, money has been steadily used to imprison us further. Let go of the egonomic theory and look at the reality of things. Our own situation, wherein we have to turn ourselves into Inspector Gadget of Finance to be able to keep some of the little money we are forced to earn. And compare it to their situation, wherein they already do not know what to do with all their fake GDP, and they hire many Inspector Gadget of Squandering to get rid of the money so they can show fake figures and bully us into earning more money for them to make disappear. Ah, my mad raving is coming along nicely.

So while they bully us with fake GDP, they have to acknowledge a real economy. They call it a shadow, because it never lasts. The System is ready to take over again. The financial crises are a tool for reorganization. To bully all the puppets into compliance. Those who still had morals got fired from their jobs as the System claimed them to be immoral. It took me a while to get it, but when I got it… I got it. Just listen to their accusations. It is exactly what they are doing. It is normal to them, but they use it to get rid of people who refuse to stoop that low. To re-enter the System these people will have to show that they understood the reverse psychology, and are now willing to do their job properly. Of course, for less pay. It is a financial crisis, after all. And did you not read the news on the shadow of the economy of the GDP?

Bank of England“How hard do the wage slaves have to work?”
“Well, how about 1 trillion GDP?”
“That is mighty hard.”
“They will work harder as we have schooled them to look at the numbers and do as we dictate.”
“Yes. Make them pay for believing the GDP we fabricate.”
“All we need to do is to stick to our plan. Let us create religious wars and financial crises.”

Egonomy should be studied so one understands how the con works. For some it will remain a hobby, something to get distracted and numbed by while feeding the System ever more money. Many will try to make a living out of fooling the ignorant with the numbers, but they will find that at one point they have started to believe their own nonsense. Bathe in insanity, and risk have it stick. We have to learn their con game, but not be tempted to enter the game without protection money.

Enough with the insanity. Before people choose to believe that I am really stark raving mad. It is time for my GMO macaroni and cheese. Yum. “Oh, sanity. Sanity. Their Kingdom, for some sanity.”


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