The Stuff Money Is Made Of(f)

ObamaThe fact that our birth certificates are a commodity traded on the stock exchange, is no longer hard to understand. As I learn more and more about the sick few who put themselves in control of the world, but are out of control of themselves, it has come to make perfect sense. These brokered birth certificates show how their System has us in a strangle hold.

Most countries have a limited period in which newly born have to be accounted for to the System. They want to know about new property immediately. Those who hide property from the System will get punished for doing so. I still scratch my head wondering why we accept that. Do we not know, or do we not care? Whatever it is, we broken-in slaves duly report new slaves to the System, so that they can get a number. A social securing number. And, insurance companies start to calculate the worth of the new slave based on trivial things such as heritage, state of health, and environment of birth.

The parents are held responsible for rearing the new slaves to fit the System. Yet, the parents are forced to leave their children with day care, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, tertiary school. The System takes more and more control over their minds, but any mishap gets blamed on the parents. Any misbehavior is not the fault of the mind numbing school System. No, it is the fault of the absent slave parents. The System made each parent work two jobs to afford less sick schooling for their precious children, but the school where the children spend most of their time puts the blame for the children not taking to the mind controlling tactics on the parents.

As if the parents are not pressured enough to find money to pay for the sick products of the System, the System can threaten them with – and often does – removal of the System property. The System will pay foster parents to make the System property deranged enough to take to the indoctrination better. The best slaves are those deranged enough to like their slave state of mind. Traumatic separation from the real parents, will grant the system a child that can be forever portrayed as a rotten apple to feed the fears of sick society, or an example of good (obedient) behavior to dangle in front of sick society like a carrot. No mention of the fact that the ‘carrot’ is quietly suffering from a bad case of PTSD, or severely drugged with pharma drugs for an invented illness.

When the property turns sixteen the parents get somewhat relieved of their duties, and the new slaves have about two years to adapt to a system of responsibilities that have nothing to do with ‘adulthood’, but everything with being obedience to System authority. They have to show that they are illiterate when it comes to money and their own worth, so they will give the System all the money it demands out of their own ‘free will’. A free will heavily controlled by the Systematic indoctrination. Without any real rite of passage, the new slaves will remain forever children dependent on the System for money, approval, even a place to stay. The System becomes their new parent. Little do these child adults know that the System had been their owner ever since registration of birth.

Would it have mattered if I had known before crawling in bed with the enemy? Would I have been more submissive? I sincerely doubt it. The System does not like my brand of submission, so to give it more of the wrong brand would have awarded even more punishment. “You just don’t get it.” True. The System saw me as property to mistreat, while I looked upon myself as an individual worthy of the best treatment. Ignorant slave. My parents gave me away by signing on the dotted line. They were nothing but caretakers. To leave my education to toxic schools, toxic society, and toxic employers. I felt that I did take to the indoctrination, but the sick ones still do not agree.

ObamaAs I fell for the same enslavement scams as everyone else, I did not see how I was not indoctrinated like everyone else. Maybe if they had treated me better, I would have felt like I belonged with the sick ones, and never would have felt a need to question their sick tactics. Hindsight. Those teachers that encouraged students to ask questions. They expected everyone to be indoctrinated enough to know better than to do so. But, they would soon find themselves scrambling to answer some of my questions. Their incredulous glares, could not stop me from taking them up on their offer. Showing that I had not taken to the indoctrination after all. I did not have the foresight to know that I would get punished by low grades. Blinded by the indoctrination.

Now that I know those teachers to be zombies swimming in debt themselves, I have no more questions for them. Too little too late? It is a big deal to see through the trap at any time. And to understand the problem situation that I found myself in. Not indoctrinated enough to be able to be dumb enough, and too indoctrinated to be able to play dead enough. That left me to figure things out for myself. To choose the better prison. I chose to get further indoctrinated at first, but kept asking questions. “You just don’t get it.” True. So, I sought out those enlightened beings I kept reading about. The ones who knew better.

So many groups claiming to know the secrets to life. So, I went in, and started to ask questions. I ignored the frowns and stares. I needed some answers, and they were going to cough them up. As they scrambled to answer some of my questions, I kept educating myself to be able to understand their babble. To find that one group does not understand that Nirvana is in Samsara. And that another group does not understand that Zion is in the same prison building as the Matrix. On top of that, who wants to live underground forever? I guess people need to see flames before they realize the scam. They will have to stop praying to their god first.

Birth certificate. Put a dead president on it, and you have got an I Owe You: money. It is the ultimate secret. The sick ones get to make money off us, because we are the money that they crave. We get to play with monopoly money that we can only use on their toxic goods. While those poor excuses of human beings – yes, they are human, they bleed real easy too – get to play with us as money. Obama showed me that it is better to have a fake certificate than a real one. The fake certificate allows no one to be a slave master. In theory. We all know that Obama is a puppet to powerful masters. So, a birth certificate is not needed to be a slave. Maybe the difference is in the wealth the slave can steal from the other slaves. Hush, puppet.


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