It Is Time to Let Those People Go. Once Again.

CensorFreedom? Not even on the Internet. There are many words one is to avoid using, if one desires a smooth enough virtual life. The top three would be “Jew”, “Israel”, and “Paperclip”. So how smart am I to put those three words in one sentence? Just so I could share my surprise that words like “Muslim”, “Jihad”, and “Palestine” do not carry as much danger as the robots put in charge, had me believe. Well, I am smart enough to use the word “Paperclip’ and not the four-letter cargo the Jews shipped out. There are also combinations of words that can get a site virused into oblivion. Six. Million. Hoax. It does not matter what stand one takes on it. Trouble awaits.

Why bring it up at all then? Well, how else to address the fact that countries go bankrupt over a System that came to perfection during World War II? Why are we still paying damages and taxes to the very same people who financed the war in the first place?! We could not know the scam back then, but we know now. Those who still do not know, can wake up in their own time. I have tried to hold their hands before, and it had a weird dumbing down and trip effect. I have a need to move on without the willfully ignorant. Maybe when I have gained enough strength, I can turn back to fetch some of them. But, Hades has warned me that as I leave hell on earth, looking back might turn them or me into stone.

Moving on. Their deceit renders all the agreements null and void. Even their made-up religions tell us that no man is bound to an immoral contract. Breaking the contract is without sin, as the deceiver should have known better than to take advantage of the ignorant for his own benefit. Next, we use their System against them to claim retribution and/or damages. In a just world it would be a stellar plan. No such just world is allowed. They are still able to hide their daggers under the cloak of the judges. Nowadays people get fined for breaking up immoral contracts. AT&T has no problem charging a steep 325 dollars. Insanity has become the norm. What can we charge them for their deceit? More importantly, what court will protect us from the daylight robbery, and give us back our money?

Justice. Politics. Police. All under the tight grip of the psychopathic ones. No one left to turn to, unless we desire to get ‘played’ and turned into even bigger fools. Ridicule is what they do best. 911. Inside job. Insurance. More words that may also spell trouble for the ignorant blogger. Agents will start to comment on posts, pretending to like it. Just to be able to pull the IP. Paranoid much? Not enough. Still not enough. As I write this post that is of no threat to the sickly enriched few, they are enjoying the spoils of war on US among themselves. And I still do not know who they are. Did Thatcher leave a will in which she tells us their names? (How about Abdullah?)

Rockefeller. Carnegie. Bush. Soros. Gates. Do not be fooled. Those are public names. That means that they are managers. They get paid in GDPs of big countries for turning the sheeple into stumm robots. For all their financial riches, they are still not to be envied. They have no freedom either. No freedom from their sick bosses, no freedom from their greed, no freedom for being devoid of a soul. Imagine spawning sick ideas all the time, and not being able to overcome the desire to execute them. Their bosses let them play as they wish, so there is no one to show them healthy boundaries. They remain like undisciplined children. They are very disciplined when it comes to the pursuit of their ‘toys’, but when the ‘toy’ gets broken, they up and walk away. Next country.

CensorSo, what have the sick ones been upto as they distracted us with gun control, Popes and Cyprus (Paris)? Whatever is in the hand that shows, will not compare to what is in the hand they hide. How much will they be stealing from us now that Jew World Guilt Day is due? How much is World War II costing us this year? We were all victims of those self-chosen few who were in charge of both sides. So how about we all move along to deal with the fact that the war on us never stopped? Stop paying them to kill us. And to realize that they could have never gotten their hands into our wallets, if they had not gotten to our minds first. Systematic deception.

It is time to demand our money back. We have been sold bogus, we need to get rid of it, and figure out how to get them to pay us back. Not with more poison, but how about we get back our land, our food, our homes, our resources? Or else. We get rid of them like the broken toys that they are? If they indeed put a man on the moon, then maybe we can pull our resources together, and put all of them there. Along with all their banks, insurance companies, gentech poison, military-industrial complex, and HAARP. Their look-alike aliens from Nibiru can pick them up right there.

To finally be done with them causing us so many problems. It is time for the adults who have woken up to also step up, and show those children the consequences of them not being able to play well with others. It is time to let those people go. Good plan. But where are they? Where is that bloody curtain they are hiding behind?




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