Oh What A Tangled Web They Weave… and Weave… and Weave

Wounded ManThe stories they teach us in public schools do not add up. Why are we only allowed to link those people to suffering? Why are we not allowed to link to the suffering of all people? What they did to their own had been unleashed on many other people before and after. Why would people who are in control over money and slaves, also dare cry victim? Once the thick layers of indoctrination have been pierced through, things will appear crystal clear. Shining bright.

Whenever a real victim speaks up, they stand ready with ridicule, blaming and shaming. If that does not help, they will bring up their self-inflicted victimhood. Real victims are left empty-handed, while they continue to fill their pockets. They cry victim in public, and laugh as they fill their pockets in secret. That is, secret to their indoctrinated victims. If that does not stun their victims into silence, then they make promises that they will not keep. They will seek some of their own to push forward as victims, and as they ‘compensate’ them, these fake victims are held forward as example of a promise kept.

They use their own as a barrier against the valid claims of their victims. They can do so, because people are blind to it.  School has been an excellent tool for the numbing and dumbing of the children who will grow up to become docile adults. Ready to obey insane orders. I know, because I have been blind for a long time myself. I did not recognize many of them, so I kept confusing victims and violators. Prey and predators. Also painfully unaware of the spies and the saboteurs in our midst, as they did not look like red men with horns and hooves. The real enemy looks nothing like those red devils. But, they did turn to Obama to bring the ‘sexy’ back. What a fine actor, is he not?

They take betrayal to a level that most people cannot even conceive. Which is how they planned it to be. Stealing from the blind, cripple and lame. They stole my money, and they do not feel anything about it as they regard me as their property: a slave. They suppose me to give them my money. All of it. As I am directed to work myself into further submission, I am supposed to ‘allow’ them to steal my money and waste debt on their toxic system goods. It is called ‘goods’, but I have found that there is little good about them. I applaud electricity, my laptop, and Google ‘encrypted’. To find that all the plans for ‘free energy’ have been swept under the carpet, because there is no profit in it for them.

So, my use of their electricity to be able to use my laptop, and Google ‘easily decoded’  to see what it is that they need my money for, is helping them win their war on us. This war is definitely about money, as there will be no more money for them if the sheeple wake up. It is their ultimate fear, and that is why this war is fought on so many levels. Even those aware of the multi-level sick game can get easily confused. One has to go back a long time to be able to understand what is really going on now. The information is out there, even in their media. Only visible to those who already know. It may be hidden or encrypted to most, but a three- and a four-letter code is available for those willing to reach for it.

This war started a long time ago. Nothing is sacred to these self-appointed gods. Not a thing, not a person, not the Earth, not the Universe – or Multiverse, if you wish. They woke up one day, to claim it all. And to hell – on Earth – with those who are against it, or victimized by it. It is the reason why these people get associated with Satan, in the modern sense of that word. Or, maybe even in the old sense. The cold-blooded few who bonded together to take the place of God. As God ‘allowed’ them to. This Satan-God scheme also works on atheists. Who claim that they do not believe in God or gods, but watch them bow down to the tools of the self-chosen gods: science and money.

The bigger picture is needed, to understand why we are hurting in our every day lives. To see why it is that we struggle for small and big pay-checks alike. Whether we are wage-slaves always at risk of losing our precious jobs, or run our own business and become slaves to rules and regulations that can – and often do – strangle business owners into bankruptcy. And to find that all the money set aside for that rainy day has been stolen, confiscated, or rendered worthless. And, wait a minute, where did all this debt come from?

Why do these people have access to our bank accounts, our job savings accounts, and our pensions? But, when we are desperate for that money, we are not allowed to touch it? Even when we can get to our own money, their many ‘experts’ advise against it. They take it as their money, and treat us like scum asking for a hand-out. The audacity of hope. They are the scum that never asked us if they could take our money so they could wage a war against us. “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” But, they do not care, as they greedily eat the whole hand and wrist, and start munching on our arms.

When I got a letter demanding me to transfer the money from a job savings account to my regular account, I was surprised. I did not even remember what job they were referring to, and they were not providing any decent information. How can I then check to see if they will be giving me back every cent of the amount they ‘borrowed’ from me? And, I do not see anything in the letter about the taxes that will need to get paid. Which means that taxes will need to get paid.

They offer me a 20 dollar/euro/pound bonus if I hasten to transfer the money. What kind of bonus is that? That is not a bonus, that is an insult. How is 20 dollars going to hide the fact that they stole a hundredfold more? I am only guessing, as they have to let me know how much money they have stolen, and how much of it they intend to return. The point is that I do not even know why they bother to give me any money at all. And they have not. I only got a letter with an empty promise. No need to plan a trip to Barbados. I strongly suspect that they want me to register so they can sell my up-to-date personal information, and make money off it. What do I get? Maybe a bonus of 20 dollars.

They are thieves, and they get away with it because the courts do as they dictate. While we get distracted with talk about how to invest our money for the future, these soulless predators set up the structure to make sure that they remain ‘invisible’ while stealing the money. The scapegoats set in place, and the zombie ‘experts’ got to work their toxic charm to entice people to buy into every single scam that the chosen sick ones have come up with.

With the warfare on our health, families and homes, I am not so sure that there will be many of the people who are under fifty now, that will get old enough to ‘enjoy’ their savings or a pension. Even if people do not die from all kinds of cancers and viruses from consuming gentech ‘food’ and drugs, they will be in a state of mind that does not allow to ‘travel the world’, or whatever pension dream they have cooked up for us. Instead, the pressure from the ever-rising medical bills and the ever-rising living expenses, keep the old folks glued onto their sofa in their run-down government-funded apartment.

Stuck to the couch, the old ones can now watch more television, and see how actors rub in their faces how other people (actors) are doing well. The blame game continues. The television used to ‘channel’ the sick vision of the oligarchs straight into their brains. To keep trusting the people who robbed them, and their ‘experts’. Experts in deception. People have gotten used to actors telling them what to think, what to believe, and how to act. These actors are only ‘experts’ at sticking to the script of the few in control. Authenticity. They would not recognize it if it spat in their faces. And that is how we keep losing the race. We think that fake is real, and real is fake.

As we have no access to their minds, we keep losing. So, of course, things are not going to change by wishing and praying for it. Who is it that people are praying to anyway? The same gods that the oligarchs concocted to mislead the sheeple with? Do people stop to investigate who cashes in on all the money that they ‘donate’ to their churches and temples to get a chance to lay away their ‘sin’? The sin that these predators enticed them into. If the preacher is doing well off the money donated, then the people who allowed for it, must be making at least ten times more. I keep thinking of the religious ‘a hundredfold’, but I do not have proof of the religion-system being that sick. Only the knowledge.

Wounded ManThese are just a few threads of the tangled web. I need to keep putting together the pieces of the puzzle that enabled them to win the war and keep winning it, and paint a picture of the toxic results. Someone pointed out that the wrong people are in control over the ‘spaceship Earth’. But, as long as we cannot recognize who those ‘wrong people’ are, how do we get them off the ship?


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