On the Food System – GMO Is So Yesterday

PesticidesWe waste our time feeding the System the money that it makes us work so hard for. The System wants all of the money, so it makes us pay for the POISON that it feeds us. The poison that our money allowed them to ENGINEER.

With food prices at an artificial high and rising, a family will spend ever more time working for the System, just to be able to pay for the food the System displays in the supermarkets where we are told to shop. The food industry taught us that we could save the time we use to work extra hard, by buying pre-peeled, pre-mixed or even pre-cooked food. Children will recognize French fries, but cannot link it to potatoes that still have some turf on them.

The System kindly awarded us a choice: junk food for the poverty-laden lower class or convenience food for the debt-laden middle class. It turns out that the food was only getting us conveniently numb and weak. Besides, battling illness does not leave much time and energy to protest. We are getting short-changed on nutrients, but any illness gets blamed on us – or our genes. We have the same genes as our parents, but we are getting more ill and sicker earlier and earlier. My genes were just fine before the industry introduced alien DNA to it.

As the industry LIES about its toxic food, people die from it. For those who care, many animals died first. The industry claims not to know, but it knows full well that it is feeding us POISON. It just does not care about us. It only cares about the money we can give them back.

Genetic Roulette is a documentary about GMO in our food (crops and animals), but I would not trust the food-pharma industry to not already be poisoning our food with other toxins. Old and new poisons alike. Those psychopaths know how to plan, and I figure that GMO is already “so yesterday” to them. As I am having trouble digesting even their GMO-free food, I wonder what else they have been up to. Well, one poison at a time…


[The videos of Genetic Roulette keep getting removed. Check their website: http:// responsibletechnology .org ]



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