No Use For Their Fishy Fish

hokke-mackerel-split-fish-pencil-caseIt is my responsibility to teach myself how to fish, so I will be able to eat forever. I cannot depend on them to feed me. They want me to depend on their toxic food, but I want to fish for myself. I had to learn the hard way that they are unreliable, and not worthy of my trust. How can I then trust their food?

They know there are people who want to fish for themselves, so they have taken all the fishing rods away. They lied, and told us that the fishing rods were toxic and the fish were ugly. They convinced us – controlled us – to think that it would be in our best interest to let them take care of producing the fish. Of course they would have to tamper with the fish first to take away the ugliness.

We have let them take control. We were ready to hand over our rods anyway. Their toxic foods have made us too tired to look for the rods, or to make new ones ourselves. It takes toxic shock to start to suspect that there is something fishy about their fish. Their fish does not seem to have any fish in it.

My body revolted, and refused their sick food. I had to stop eating it as much as I could. Only then could I see that there was something fishy going on. There was no proof that my own rod would poison me, nor that real fish were ugly and needed tampering with. I started to suspect that I had been deceived.

I have limited my dependency on their toxic food, and I started to look for farmers who can provide healthier food. The holistic farmers are the new rods. No more tampered – or mixed –  foods for me.

hokke-mackerel-split-fish-pencil-caseIt is a waste of time to fight over possession of their toxic fish. I have been looking out over the wrong pond for far too long. But, it is something that is easily corrected as I get myself to turn around, and become aware of the abundance of the sea behind me.  I invest in the holistic farmers that are not owned by them, and stay out of the super-food-markets of the toxic system.


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