They Know More Than They Show

Information SpiesThey always seemed a step ahead of me. I could not figure it out. How could they know? They did not know me. So, how did they do that? Oh my. How naive. Of course they were ahead of me. Not one step, but many roads. They knew what I was going to do before I could decide on it.

The job interview was indeed to get to know me. They wanted to know how to manipulate me, and I needed to give them that information. As I went about my work, they would add more information to my file to make sure that they could trigger me to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. They had all the information that they needed, because I kept giving it to them. All they had to do was watch me, and have some spies trigger me and report details.

I could not have been easier bait. Delusional to think that I could be myself and get along with them. They had no intention to get along with me. The corporation is run on fear, not friends. The smiles were fake, and the hidden agendas thick. And, they were way ahead of me. Roads ahead. They had years of experience controlling their robots and puppets. I was another delusional puppet to get sacrificed as a useless pawn.

Only when their spies started to talk about things that they could not have known about, did I become worried. Not that what they said was true, but it was troubling enough that they knew about certain subjects that I had never talked to them about. They were fishing for information, and they had to throw in information to trigger me into sharing more. To trigger my sick need to set the record straight. But, how did they get to that record?

Information SpiesThe only way for them to know about certain subjects was if they had direct access to government files. Anything put in front of a bureaucrat, they had access to. They taught me that privacy is restricted to them. As far as they are concerned, society has no need for privacy. If I thought otherwise, then I was of no use but as their puppet. To be their silly puppet, I showed to believe their privacy scam, while it was already obvious that it did not apply to me. They could get access to any information that I had provided to their System. Any part of their System.

It took me a while to figure it out. Finally, I caught up. I saw the horrible error of my ways. Then what? I needed to stop giving the System any more information. And rewrite the silly puppet script.  There is no checks and balances nor Trias Politica – the theoretical division of government power. There are only divided smoke screens. There is no part of government interested in my privacy. They will hand out my information freely among themselves. The billions invested in information technology, should have been enough of a tip-off.

The system wants my information. And, I need to give it as freely as they will hand it out among themselves. But… does it not work both ways? They cannot get my information, without giving me some of their information. I was only able to wake up and smell the stink, because I was alerted to the fact that they had information at their disposal that I had not given to them. I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together based on the information that they gave me. I began to see the link between the lawyers, corporations, and government branches. It was one big information feast.

Now, that I understand how the System operates, I am able to predict some things of my own. I can predict that the IRS will keep putting up hurdles for my business. It was not enough that they denied me my refunds. Rebaits. They want more information on top of stealing my money. They want me to tell them how to manipulate me better. How to get more money out of me. To lose all that money should have prompted me to go back out there and work harder. Instead, I failed to see the point. The harder I work, the more they steal.

Information SpiesHere is some new information for them. It is time for early retirement. As a young pensioner without a pension, I will take to writing about this issue. There is no privacy for society, only for the people who own it. The parasites who can keep out of the lime light as they push forward politicians, CEO’s, starlets, and muslims, to distract us. The very people who steal our information by demanding that we give it to them so they can be of ‘service’ to us. All the while, it is the other way around.

I am angry at the fact that I actually believed their lies. Anger has risen, but I am also grateful. I am grateful for the fact that I have been released of my duty as silly puppet. I have gotten hold of a few strings in the process. Let me see what happens when I pull. Nothing. It is business as usual for them. Watch out for their spies.


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