Their Image of Their God

garden of edenThey told me that I was not worthy of trophies. When I showed them that I could get them anyway, they changed their tactics. Then they told me to lay down my trophies to “please god”. What god? They had managed to get me confused again. I was left to figure it out by myself.

Were they not quoting from their Bible? Their book of conditioning and confusion. Were they referring to one of the gods of the Bible? The god that shaped a man – ADAM – in his image? Whatever. How is a three-dimensional body to resemble an other-worldly god?! The way I understood it was that it was a man – A Damn Arrogant Man – that shaped god in his image.

Why would real gods care about their worldly image? They do not live in this realm, and even if they were to ‘visit’ they would not be able to last here long. We have got some sick psychopaths walking the earth that would give any god a run for its money. No, not money, gold. Or do gods use the gold to harvest souls?

They think of themselves as gods. So, for them to tell me to lay down my trophies to “please god”, was nothing but their indirect way of telling me to stop fighting the inevitable. I needed to obey them. Stop asking questions, and be a good slave. I was to obey their indirect – insane thus confusing – command.

There was so much reverse psychology involved that I cannot blame myself for getting confused. Yet, there was a simple solution. I did not listen to them before and got my trophies. So, why should I listen to them now? Just ignore their commandments to obey them. And anyone they push forward as authority – that is, a wolf put garden of edenin charge of the sheeple.

I have made a decision. I will not put down my trophies. Unless, that is what they actually want?! The trophies always come with strings attached. Uh. I am getting confused again. Let me have another look at that Bible. There was something in there about a talking snake. Let me see who that is, and end my confusion.


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