Still Enough Freedom Left to Live

White HouseThere is a lot of my freedom that they have taken away from me. But, I am not fooled by it. They got me to let go of all the material nonsense that they tell me to attach value and worth to. I no longer have to worry about choosing worthless things. My mind is no longer pre-occupied with getting the latest of the latest, and forgetting that the last latest must not be worth anything if I am to look for a new latest so soon after getting the last one. Just typing the sentence makes me rejoice in no longer getting distracted by it.

Besides, the latest anything is rarely the newest. The latest is only what they want us to spend our hard-earned money on. They keep the newest to themselves and give society a dumbed-down version of whatever they deem good enough for us. The President using a mobile phone to send a private message, is as ridiculous as watching the news to find out the news. Except for the fact that he – or his friends – probably owns part of the company and the rise in stock price means a nice payday, whereas we have to pay to be able to watch the propaganda news to see him advertise the phone.

The President is a very smart man. Too bad that he is not putting it to use for the people he represents. Oh. Let me rephrase that. Too bad that he is not putting it to use for US. All Presidents are very rich men. So, I am not wasting time holding my breath until one of them abolishes tax for the poor. I would consider lower middle class too, but there is no middle class left. If we do not want to be poor, then we better be rich. Not for the fake comfort, but to be able to pay off the government to stop her from seizing our assets and harassing us when we do not pay up quick enough.

It is too bad that I only have liabilities. As debt does not make me middle class, I am poor. Helàs, I have no material wealth to show and brag about. I only have my soul to help me get my mind back. But, as long as other people cannot use it, it is of no value to them. And no matter how much I tell my soul that I deserve to be rich, the wealth remains invisible. I am to enjoy the freedom from material bondage in my inner temple. Great. I will tell the bill collector just that when the next inflated bill is due.

There is a lot more freedom that they want to take from me. They deem themselves worldly gods that can control and take lives they have not created. They can only manipulate us, while they create the toxic circumstances needed to keep us distracted. That is more power than they should have in the first place. I should fear them, but I do not feel like it. I am tired of those sick children playing grown-ups. Where are the real adults? I know, busy buying the latest of the latest junk that these psychopaths made a long time ago.

White HouseRegardless of their “cordon sanitair”, I now move to get out of their prison cell into the court yard and help other prisoners. I do not smoke, but I could just resell the cigarettes the other prisoners will pay me with.  That prison cell does not come cheap. It is evil genius. To have prisoners pay for their cells. There is no end to the sickness of these psychopaths. Who taught them so? Their creator is still unseen, but that cannot last.


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