They Can Have the Nothing They Left Me

British Punishment DeviceEven though I no longer engage with them, I am not free of them. I just spent a whole day talking to myself about them, and reprimanding them in writing. It is not a total waste of time. It was time to let my feelings out. Let myself know what I have been holding back. But, I also need to be able to move on. It is no use talking to them. I know that they do not care, because they get away with their behavior. It is what they get hired to do. I am not free of them even though I get no more money from them. They want control, and they need my information to be able to keep it. The fresher the information the better.

I have been feeding them information through their tax System and their court system. I was amazed to find that the judge was not there to defend me or my clients. The system is set up so I get hand-cuffed to the bench, while they get in free swings and then some. In the meanwhile, the judge tries to get more information to feed to the System. Sorry Sugar Lips, but there is no new information.

I noticed that the Chamber of Commerce was selling my private and business information to private companies. If they make money off my registrations, then why do I have to pay to register? This System is out to make money any way possible. Let the victims pay to get victimized. Is that not how it works in their not-so-secret societies? They do not get invited in, they have to pay to get in. It is all about the Benjamins throughout this society.

It is clear that I cannot escape them. I do not have the money to cover my tracks, nor to put them on a fake trail. I am stuck in their prison called society, like the rest of the robots and puppets. It is amazing to see how this sick society breeds sick people. At least I am no longer a zombie. It took me a long time to no longer let society dictate my mind. Now I find that society is the least of my problems. Without a society to hide behind, the people in control can come for me directly.

As I recognized that they could take whatever they wanted, without having to suffer the consequences, I stopped wanting to have what they could take. All the things they advertise for me to have, I can do without. They can threaten me all they want, but there is nothing for them to get. I have no flat screen TV for them to tear off the wall. They will have to create fake debts if they want to try to corner me. But then again, fake debt is their core business.

British Punishment DeviceInstead of worrying about them, I busy myself with letting other people know what they do, and how they do it. I hand them back to society. People need to decide for themselves what to do about it. Fight or flight. I am done with being frozen. As I gain more clarity on their prison, I can seek out those who can help me get out. I need help, for as long as my hands are tied, I cannot reach for the key in my pocket myself.


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