Keeping An Eye On Their Money

RobotAs I go about my options, I realize that they own it all. There is no organization that they cannot get their claws into. If the company is not theirs, mere threatening will suffice to get the people to do as they say. They have the System at their disposal, and they will use it.

They can get anything they want. Well anything that can be bought with money. They have no use for heart. Their physical hearts are only to keep the cold venom pumping underneath their snake skins. Do not confuse them with ‘real people’. They are not called reptilians for no reason. And, I am not referring to an alien story, only the sharing of the cold blood and appearance. Even hyenas tremble when they have to deal with them.

Back to their business. They conquer by destroying. It does not matter what they say. If they claim that they want to help humanity, then humanity needs to beware. They will want to help humanity, alright. After humanity is done digging its own grave, they will ‘help’ to make sure that we fit in it. They have no love to lose on us. They will send their tie-wearing robots to smile in our faces, just to get us stabbed in the back. I have no need to trust a guy wearing a tie. Pretty soon it will be a noose around my neck.

There is no honor to be gotten from thieves. They are protected through their ownership of the System. They play by different rules. If we want to buy into a company, then we have to pay nonsense market prices. The law of demand and supply, and an invisible hand. When they want to have a company, they simply sink it. They already stepped in at start-up. They had the best deal in town. They may move to get stock prices way up, to get as many people to throw money into the ship that they know will be sinking as soon as they see fit. They can do so because they control all the inside information. They leave the fata more-money-gona ship before anyone else can.

They leave in great secrecy, while their media keeps luring people in with lies and fairy tales. Their dirty hand is carefully kept invisible. The ignorant are to believe that there is a god that will safeguard their money when they give it to them. It is not a complete and utter lie. These people see themselves as gods, and they keep themselves invisible to the public. But, the only reason why they will safeguard the money, is because they consider it their money. They are not safeguarding it for us. They are simply taking it back. We were the ones who had it on Reptillian Hillary Clintonloan. We are left to pay costs and interest to the very people who took our money. And they blame us for falling for their schemes.

Again, the invisible hand… it is THEM. When they want stock prices up or down, they create a rumor – or blatant lie – and print it in their newspapers. Pay someone who will spread the rumor on TV. And then when the ignorant buy in or want out, even more money is made. They take our money and create debt for us. It is no use buying into stock without knowing who financed the company to begin with. The invisible hand has to become visible, or else the money put in the stock will turn invisible. Never to be seen again by the public. How else can they become trillionaires?

They leave the companies to cash in, and then keep some robots around to oversee the sinking project. They laugh until the cry of despair of the fools who thought that they could beat them at their game on their battlefield, becomes loud enough. Then they get annoyed at the ungratefuls. It might be time to step back in to ‘save’ the company. They will present themselves as the solution to the problem that they have created.

Well, that was back in the day. Nowadays, they see more profit in letting the ship sink. Let their government ‘help’ the people. They will have already made business deals to buy out parts of the organization. Technology, harvested information, or harvesting people. They win in the beginning, the middle, and at the end. So, why bother saving a company? There is much more to gain by consolidating the lucrative parts into other companies still worthwhile to keep. And the government? Well, they own that too. Do not expect to get help. Just go out there, and work harder. Get another job, and pay more taxes.

What jobs? There are plenty of jobs.  The biggest industries are pharma food, pharma drugs, pharma-protecting military, and pharma bullshit…uh, marketing. So, one can help pick gentech crops in fields that get sprayed with poison daily. One can help push pharma drugs. The government will provide a hospital or project as selling point, as well as the military guards or weapons to defend one’s turf. Or, one can go on a ‘mission’ to instill democracy in pharma-supplying countries. Be part of the experiment… uh, opportunity to get poisoned by gentech weapons while killing other undesirables. One can make a decent living as a promoter of the System and its sickness. Too much work? One can strive to become a singer or rapper to promote others to sign up for the experiment… uh, experience.

It is no use crying now. Those who have not woken up and smelled the big reptilionaire cojones dangling in their faces, have a chance to do so now. Right now. Or now. Or whenever the hell they are ready to wake up. Hey, no need for hostilities. I know that it took me long enough to wake up myself, and I barely have one eye open. I am still afraid of what I will see if I open them up wide. They have schooled me well to expect to be saved. By them? They will ‘save’ me further into their engineered hell.

RobotNo, I need to save myself. I have developed a severe allergy for those people. I continue to analyze, without going into any sordid detail. They taught me that the devil is in the details, so I will wait to deal with that when I get my other eye to open. In the meanwhile, I will just write. Live ‘free’ in debt, instead of safeguarding their money for them while working so hard that I would have no choice but to believe everything they tell me.


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