Who Put the Chains Back On?

ShamedLong Pay is what their System is. They do not want us to be able to pay them back. Know their lies. They can extort more money out of us when we cannot pay them what they demand. They do not care if they sell us worthless goods, or empty promises. All they want is for us to give them money for it, and preferably over a long period of time. It gives them more opportunities to change the rules and the game, to extract ever more money from us.

They want us to buy into schemes that we cannot afford. Education, business loans, mortgages, car loans, credit cards, pensions. They want us deeply indebted, even though their education is empty, the business serves only them, and the rest is worthless. Sun, clean air and water, healthy food, good companionship, are not supposed to cost anything. But, they cannot provide that, so they indoctrinate us to strive to be like them. Leaders? No. Severely damaged goods.

They want us to have the latest computers, laptops, notebooks, mobile phones, and scribble pads. It was not enough to have one computer in every home. They want us to carry around at least one, so they know where we are at all times. So, they know where to send their bill collectors and their pitbull called IRS to man-handle us. Because they know full well that we do not make enough money to be able to afford all their junk. It is illegal for us to make money, we are to earn it as a wage-slaves, then hand it all back to the System. And then some.

They even try to tell us what to wear. They call throwing away perfectly good clothes ‘fashion’. Well, I have noticed that fashion always goes back to old styles. The shoes that I threw out twelve years ago, would be the hottest things to get my hands on right now? We have to buy again what we have already thrown out, because fashion dictates a butterfly on the back, where the old one had skull and bones? Right. I finally started to realize that I could no longer afford ‘fashion’. I came to understand why some designers are always dressed in black.

ShamedIf they can even get us to keep spending on clothing that we do not need, then we are seriously done for. What is next our food? Ha. Wake up. We have lost our minds to the System. And no one escapes the System. At least with the old Mafia system we stood a chance. We could escape to another city or country, to hide out. Now, we are forced to steal another’s identity to escape the System. And that identity better be from someone who is debt-free. Their Numerati have put computer Systems in place to track anyone down.  The System has firm control over our minds, and there is no easing out. Hide in therapy? Whatever. That is another control System to get us back in line.

The old Mafia has left the man-handling to the System, and stuck with its root activities: drugs, weapons and slaves. Even so, they covertly ventured into new business. They bought their own banks to be able to better ‘laundry’. However, the System did not allow for them to run banks, so it made sure that their banks crashed. After they made a profit, of course. It got the rest of us further into debt. Just the way the System wanted it. The crash continues until the System is back in full control over the banks and its robots.

Collapse of the debt system? Ha, again. The System will not allow for it. They are not done with us yet. We have more debt to incur before they let go of their money cow. No. It was about the collapse of banks that the owners of the System wanted to get rid off. The Mafia gave up man-handling to rub shoulders with the big boys. Big mistake. Back in line. The ‘Long Pay’ line. If the Mafia cannot stop the System, then who can?

Angels? What freaking angels?! If there are any, when are they going to step in? How many more millions of people have to die because of the insanity of this New World Chaos? Oh, right. I know the answer: 6.000. It makes sense now. If there are less than one billion psychopaths left on earth, that means that 6 billion souls will have been rescued from Samsara. Ah, silly me. Here I am, trying to upset a divine plan with a… blog that they can easily block. Refusing to spend money on a real website. But, then again, they can already block anything on the Internet.

My tactics to cut the System off the money flow, and dry it out like a hairy foot wart, will only lead to too many suffering souls forced to reincarnate on this planet. With the oligarch psychopaths. Humbully, I stand corrected. I better put my chains back on, and like it. I need to allow for the abuse, and pretend to be ignorant while the System robs me blind. And, I better smile and show some gratitude, while I toe the ever-moving line. The future of 6 billions souls depends on it.

Too sarcastic? Oh well, I do not know the answer to the madness either.


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