Give Therapy Back to Sick Society

I need to deal with the therapist in the same way that I learned to deal with society: DISTANCE. I listened to this therapist tell me that I was part of society, and that I deserved to be treated equally. It sounded great. I was getting geared up to give it my best shot, to realize that society had been on my case to give ‘my best shot’ all along. I had struggled to be the best that I could be, and gave the System all my money and incurred pointless debt, to become even better. Yet, society told me that no matter what I did, it was not good enough. So, I had to stop myself. Why would I try yet again?

As I stopped doing as society told me, I was no longer a problem to myself. I got along with myself just fine. My problem proved to be that I tried to fit into a society that did not fit me. This society trains psychopaths, and I proved to be a pitiful one. Instead of using society to gain as much control over other people as I could, I took to the lessons for losers better. Society taught me to hate myself, and to push myself to give my best to others. If I was not going to make victims out of others, then I was going to be the victim others would push to take control of. It seemed like I had turned evil on myself, but it was the constant berating to give ‘my best best’ or else be a loser, that kept echoing in my head.

So, why was this therapist telling me to do my best to fit in, when this society goes all out to hurt me? Or better yet, have me hurt myself. People ‘pushing’ toxic food and water, engineered diseases and poison vaccines, synthetic drugs, chemical rain and cell phone radiation, poison media and deadening entertainment. Oh, and good old stress at school, work and in the family. Why would I want to fit in with that? It was bad enough that I was paying taxes to allow the System to continue to hurt me.

No. If I would give society anymore space in my life, there would not be much of a life. This therapist was doing exactly what society had taught her to do. To turn me into a submissive puppet – I know that seems redundant, but I have seen that type milling about on Black Friday. She is getting paid by the System to get me back in line and like it. She could not drug me, so she took to mind control through covert hypnosis. How does that work? Well, the same way it works for the System and society: claiming authority, waving her hands from side to side and then repeating a message until it sticks. TV works the same way. The robots, puppets, zombies and ghosts, will fall over themselves to carry out the commands.

As she kept rambling on and on about her view of society, I did not realize that she was trying to hypnotize me. Clearly, she had not listened to me. I had told her before that I did not watch TV, as I did not like to get numbed with nonsense. I had already watched so much TV in my life that I could watch it no more. And, apparently, I could not listen to anymore either. She could no longer talk her way out of therapy. I put her to work, and she did not like it. It is the same with society. Ask not what the System can do for you…

So, if therapy does not work when I am no longer hooked into the media of the System, does that not mean that therapy is of the System? I was blind, but her annoying babble got me to pry one eye open. Why would I ask the System that is eager to get me into all sorts of problems, to help me get out of the problems?! Blindness was the least of my problems. I let the system educate me into severe ignorance, and the only way that I could deal with it, was to shut my eyes. The therapist was not going to tell me that. She wanted me to remain patient, not informed. Her rent was not going to pay itself, you know.

The moment that I realized the scam, was the moment that I felt relief from all my problems with society. I had – still have – a severe personality disorder, because I refused to become the psychopath that society holds dear. That leaves the role of prey. Her precious DSM-IV tells me so. The DSM-IV is a quiz for the numb and dumb. Those who know how society works and know how to get it to work for them, know that the only right answer is: 301.7 Antisocial Personality Disorder (psychopath and sociopath lumped together) with a dash of 301.81 Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The people with the other personality disorders are the victims of the psychopaths in their lives. Even a sociopath is no match for a psychopath. But, that was not what the therapist propagated. She would emphasize that ‘psychopaths are bad people’, and for the victims of society just to try to fit in harder. Or, take a pill. Never mind that the pill will only help to become easier prey.

Maybe I am being too harsh on the 301.7 – yet very 301.6 – therapist. I came to get help out of my deluded state, but I got a good look at hers instead. As she mimicked society better than I ever could, I got to see the insanity of society through hers. She was part of society, just like I had tried to be. Whereas I got ill from the overdose of insanity, she was sailing the waves of insanity just fine. As a therapist, she got the perfect role to control her victims. She understood perfectly how to put pressure on me to pay the bill, even though she was clearly not helping me out of the insanity that society dumped on me.

Once again, I was left to help myself. My insanity was telling me to stop trying to fit into the real insanity called society. If we are supposed to be individuals, why do we have to fit into society anyway? I needed to get my mind back, not sink in deeper to engineered madness. The first thing to do was end therapy, for once and for all. I was going to use the 301.82 against her and society, and find my way out to stay out. That would also prove to be the perfect way to finally let go of my 313.82. I am NOT society.


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