On Family Affairs

The rich have families so their children can carry on the family name and the riches. All according to a plan that their ancestors laid out a long time ago. They do not really care about their spawn otherwise. They must also believe in some form reincarnation otherwise it would be pointless to put their imbecilic spawn in control over their plan. They know that they are not going past ‘heaven’, and without reincarnation there would be no point to their cruelty and insanity. They would only be cruel and then die.

Dying to never come back, would be the least they could do for society. Instead, they believe in their rightful place as rulers over subjects who need to be kept in their place, for ever. They strongly believe in reincarnating to finish their job, and they need their offspring to produce the bodies to possess. But, just in case they do not come back, they leave instructions for world domination with their spawn.

How does this work for poor families? They stand accused of wanting their children to carry on the family name too. What they usually transfer along with that is not riches, but trauma, bondage and debt. Love just does not pay the bills like it used to. It is up to the children to do better than their parents, without proper guidelines to do so. Grandma did not leave a ‘Eugenics Plan’ to be carried out with the funding tied into a special Eugenics Society Foundation. Nor, a plan to fight it.

Heaven is favored over reincarnation. Who would want to come back to live another life of deprivation? At least the rich have a goal, and an agenda to achieve it. That leaves to poor to die to become rich, or to remain poor and die serving the rich. Either way, they are slaves to the rich. One can only join them by blood, and even then it is no heaven. They are a cruel bunch. It would be sad to finally ‘make it’, to learn that they are crazy beyond reason or help.

Kill 6 billion people? Oh, why not. Let us poison their food and water. If that does not help, we poison the ground and the air. We steal the land from the poor people in the south, and force them to live in polluted cities in the north. We pay them low wages and overwork them. They will have no choice but to leave us their kids to mold. And we will get them on drugs younger and younger. Of course, we make a profit from killing them.

Remaining poor is not the answer. Instead, we need to wake up and see that our ancestors made them rich. To see that we are adding to their riches. We are the ones feeding the madness. Every time we buy their food, we are killing ourselves and feeding them money. Every time we buy their drugs and alcohol, we are killing ourselves and feeding them money. Every time we buy their clothes, we are helping them kill others and feeding them money.

Money is energy. How can things change when we keep feeding them while they get to kill us? It is time that the poor start leaving their children a plan too.


3 thoughts on “On Family Affairs

  1. Is there any such thing as ‘money’ these days..? Dont think so, I say that there isnt and that its all only ‘credit’ which acts like energy but isnt. Its like saying that drugs are food, its all artificial and its all about perception. Its like saying that politicians are our masters, which they arent, well only only if you perceive them to be and grant them your power.

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