Punishment Is The Name Of Their Game

This society has become all about punishment. We build better prisons than schools and houses. It is a mistake to think that punishment is linked to misbehavior of the one punished. Instead, punishment is linked to the ability to do so. Anyone in a position of power can abuse it, and we see that happen around us every day all day. That is if we open our eyes, instead of keeping them closed in fear. It is not clear who is the bigger threat: the punished or the punisher.

If government is heavily invested in the drugs and arms trade, then why are all the small time dealers picked off the streets?! Should government not just stop providing them with drugs and weapons? It provides the drugs and arms, thus punishing society, and then it punishes all its customers by throwing them in prison. Society gets misled from two sides to one end.

On some level we all know that the System is corrupt. As below so above, because it all comes from those above the law. What comes from above now, is pure abuse of power. The poison is sprayed at us by their government, their media, their churches, their schools, their corporations, their nature. It is all around us. No wonder that people who feel powerless, seek victims to abuse. It is what this society teaches us. And society learns it from those in power over society. People are indoctrinated to accept the abuse of power, and once it is in their system (overriding their minds), they can easily get triggered to do it to others as well.

Why do rich coke-snorters and sex-addicts get elected into office, while the poor ones without visible back-up or popularity go to prison? The law has everything to do with it. The law protects those that can protect themselves, while it leaves those who need the protection out to fend for themselves. And it does not take a prison building to be living in hell. That is why I would get frightened when I made even simple mistakes. I knew that no one would care about whether it was an accident, as it would be another opportunity to huff and puff, and blow my straw prison down.

People who like to punish… punish. To never again be fooled that they are capable of letting things go. To know that they will keep plotting and scheming. It is up to me to teach myself to not put up with their abuse, to walk away, and stay away. This means that I need to be able to recognize abuse. Only because someone is in control – over the money-flow – does not mean that this person should force others to do whatever that person pleases. If I do not have rights, but only get awarded privileges, then I am in prison. Prison is a place of abuse. I do not even have to go into what kinds of abuse.

If I do not want to be under control of abusers, then I have to free myself from my conditioning that demands it. That includes the fear of a greater evil waiting to scoop me up. I had seen that much happen in society already. It fit exactly with what the System wanted me to believe. The System was not going to teach me that it was better to fight and lose for the sake of saving myself from them, then to submit and ‘win’ for the price of losing myself to them completely.

The fact that this society demands that I have a pay check to pay my own way for all the things that it tells me that I need to have, makes me dependent on those who have control over (some of) the money. A reality check got me to see that I was hurting myself by believing that fable. I feel highly embarrassed that I bought into it. No matter the fact that I have been born into this System. And, I feel highly embarrassed by having to admit that I am still not free from the System. The System did a good job on me.

I got indoctrinated from a young age on, but as an adult the System lays the blame for doing as I was told on… me. It is a nice example for the rest of society: how to blame the victim. I do not wear micro skirts, so why am I still getting mind raped? I need to understand that the System is addicted to me. As long as I am around to get fed off, it will. I need to cut my ties and speak my truth. If there is one thing that the System does not like, it is the truth. They can only dress it up in lies. So, I need to discipline myself, and be adamant about undressing their lies. Inside out. There is work to be done.

However, if I do fall back into the clutches of the System, it is no longer for being ignorant about it. I know that it will be because of the fact that I have some more of their programming to get rid off. It takes discipline. A lot of it. It comes with ups and downs. When I go down, I need to pay attention and learn as much as I can on the way. At the same time I force myself to come up again as I isolate from toxic input. As I rise again, I will look at the holes in my discipline and attend to them.

Gun ControlWhat about the anger? What about it? From our perspective the sun goes up and down all the time. As long as I am part of the illusion of the System, I will not be able to see that we are the Sun, and they are revolving around us. We feed them, whereas they cannot feed us. Their toxic food needs to be left to rot (which may take decades). We need to feed ourselves, and get those parasites off our bodies. We need to have a massive solar flare to shift them back in their place. Or, roll the pyramid on the sick side, so the psychopaths get crushed under their own insanity.


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