The System Owns the Land, the House, and…

The debt scam is only one part of the money System. The debt System itself is also divided up into different scams. Part of the debt scam is the mortgage scam. The mortgage scam is bad enough without the sub-prime-loan scams. It all started with the fable that houses have inflated worth without the land that they are built on. Yet, it is the land that determines the price of the house. The house comes without the land, yet we pay tower-high mortgages. McDonalds may sell worthless burgers, but the land those burgers are sold on is what secures its future.

So, it is still the land that has worth, not so much the houses. That does not mean that the houses are worthless. As people buy into the myth of owning their ‘own’ house without land, it is the System that banks on the engineered worth. The System owns the land and demands the house ‘owners’ to pay for the privilege of using it. The land is borrowed, without the possibility of ever owning it. Wait a minute, whose land is it? Is it not OUR land? So, why are we paying for it over and over again? The government is not a private party – it is supposed to represent us. So, why are we paying for what has been ours since before the government took ownership?!

The owners of the System make a lot of money due to the fable of ownership of a mortgaged house. From the moment the mortgage-deal is made, it is the bank that owns the house. The banks belong to the System, thus unless every cent of the loan, ‘costs’, and interest, is paid in full, the house belongs to the System. One gets all the burdens of being a house ‘owner’, but it is the System that really profits from allowing fake ownership. The mortgage payments stand for guaranteed income for the System. The banks and government harvest ‘costs’, interest and taxes from the inflated price of the house. For a long period of time. Those who cannot pay as demanded, lose ‘their’ house and all the money already paid. They will feel the urge to go out and try again.

When – not if – the System steps in to sell the house, it is never worth what the ‘owners’ were made to believe. The System talked market prices that have nothing to do with the real costs of the house. Thus, it is no surprise that many people were happy to loan houses as the System dictated, only to find themselves burdened with debt. All the links in the chain made a profit, except the debtors who believed that they now owned the house. No such thing, unless they paid cash to the previous owners and all costs and taxes are paid.

The inflated price of the house, costs, taxes and interest, guarantees that the System gets to make money from the owners of the… DEBT. The money was not there before. The ‘owners’ have been so kind to create it for the System as they go about working hard to give it to the System. For the System does not work to make money, it works to make slaves. As people think of their borrowed house as theirs, they will fight to keep up with payments. Thus the houses are great assets for the System, but usually only liabilities for those who buy into the scam.

It is clear. The System owns the land and the house. So, what do we have left? Our jobs? Hmmm. Last time I checked, any excuse to lay off workers was being used. The money to keep paying the System for the privilege of living in its house on its land, is drying up fast. People move from empty suburbs to full tent camps and mommy’s basement. Yet, the System still has the audacity to tell us what to do. It is hungry, and it wants more. It has no problem killing the hands that feed it.

With all banks and loans back in the hands of the psychopathic few – nice try Iceland – the System moves on to confiscate the next money conglomerates. What is the next scam? Insurance and pension funds, of course. Follow the money. Wherever money is accumulated, the System will move in to take it. The System is telling us to invest in insurance and pension  scams, so it can move in and steal that money too. It is not fair to call it the ‘next’ scam, as the System has been stealing from the funds from the second of conception. No, it is only the ‘next’ scam to blow wide open.


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