Education on the Money System (2)

Nothing works without people believing in it. I grew up with money, television and movies, school and work, and food. And I believed all of it. Family and friends served as puppets to push the System on me from close-up. I had to accept money as the norm as my family and friends showed me that it was the only way to get what I wanted. Television showed me that what they were teaching me was the right thing to believe, and school provided the empty theories as the ultimate ‘proof’.

Work proved to be kindergarten for adult children. All the indoctrination was played out in sick ways. How does food fit in? Well, if I was not dumb enough to like the System, then I would just have to numb myself and look the other way. Too young for pharmaceutical drugs (this was a while back, this rule does not apply anymore), food became the only drug readily available for little… MONEY (this was a while back, this rule does not apply anymore either) .

As I was born into the money System, I did not understand to look to see beyond my training and schooling. I had to obey the ‘adult’ teachers. Even when I had become an ‘adult’ myself, I kept following the road most traveled. It was only when I seemed to never get out of debt, that I realized that something was wrong. Why did I have a student ‘loan’ debt, if the schools were not teaching me how to get out of debt? It took me a while – until recently – to understand that the schools were purposefully teaching me how to get into debt.

They teach the idea of debt, to get used to debt, to get into debt, to stay in debt, and further into debt. Ever bigger boats on ever bigger mountains of debt. The puppets in front of the class were probably swimming in debt themselves. Now I get why teachers were called failures. They were puppets the school settled for as no self-respecting business-person would want to waste time in front of a class of children who are kept too dim-witted to understand the scam. (Yes, I am a teacher too.)

Then when I went to work and got a pay check, I rejoiced until I saw how much of that paycheck disappeared. Supposedly to government. As a teenager I worked hard for low wages, which was bad enough. But, to see even that little money get divided up between government departments that already have enough, called for a mini tantrum. That tantrum should be directed at the System. For, same as the banks are only store fronts… so is government.

The school books tell us differently. The ‘invisible hand’ made sure of that. That is why some of us buy into the nonsense of having to give up our money so that the government can see to it that there are roads and schools, or whatever. Did our parents and parent’s parents not already pay for that? Why do we have to keep paying for the same liabilities over and over again? What do they do with our money?

Never mind their budgets and balance sheets, as they contain estimations and random figures. I want to see the receipts. I want to know dates, amounts, and whether goods got returned! I want to see the receipts of the whole chain. Does it really cost $ 10 million to build one school. Why are prisons built for less? Is it not the same contractor? To then realize that I would be wasting my valuable time.

The oligarchs who own government, buy from each other, and fake receipts will be easy to come by. I will be none the wiser, if I rely on government or the System. As long as I belief in the myth of modern government, the ‘invisible hand’ can continue stealing directly from my pay check and bank account. They steal their worthless paper right back from us. The debt System comes on top of all the ‘regular’ thievery.

In not understanding money and the money System, we are liabilities ourselves. We are easy prey, and it is only when we realize that we are eyeballs deep in debt because of a scam that starts in kindergarten, that we may be start moving away from the System. We may be, because when the load is too heavy it will be nearly impossible to move. Chances are that one will freeze, and fall ill. And, illness brings more bills. Billness. The health scare System is another one of their scams.

If I know it all, why am I still a money-slave? I have debt to my name, and I depend on money to pay my rent and utilities. Also, I have not succeeded in getting the people at the organic food store to accept my ‘love’ as payment for their food. What has changed is that I see that the debt that I have incurred is meaningless. I may still be connected to the money System, but it is not my worth. I do not agree with the price that the System has put on me. I no longer have a need to compete with other people to show the latest worthless gadget that I got.

I do not need to show success by the size of the house that I do not own. Nor by the latest car that I will have to guard with my life to prevent it from getting scratched, dented or totaled before I can pay off the loan or lease. The bank does not care if the car is no longer worth what the car dealer claimed, I should have thought of that before I signed. And I do, as I sign no more contracts with people who will steal from me. Even more than they already do without my informed consent. I now take responsibility for my life, not overpriced liabilities.

If money was to show how much worth I have, then I would be worth negative. I actually feel fine realizing that. I also know that it does not matter that I do not settle for this debt, as they will come up with more of it. Thus, I use the fake debt to guide me in my spending habits. I now decide how much I am willing to pay for something, instead of the System advising me on inflated prices. If I do not have the money, then I must not need it. The System would not let me starve, would they?

Instead of worrying about what they want me to owe them, I leave my wants for what they are – mindless desires – and focus on what I need. Information, understanding and knowledge. Why? It is the path to wisdom. The only way to ‘beat’ the System is by becoming wise. In the meanwhile, I show worth by showing the System that they cannot keep me numb and dumb. And, that by the time that the money System might collapse, I will be wise and prepared enough to survive without it easily.


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