Education on the Money System (1)

As I am still a money-slave, I do not mind to break free of the debt System through its collapse. However, the debt System is only one part – granted a very big part – of the money System. Therefor, I am not to look at a possible debt collapse only, but at the whole money System disappearing. This hope might have been fed as I learned that the banking psychopaths are planning for just that. They plan for a better enslavement or annihilation, whereas I need to plan for freedom from all their Systems.

As the trillionaire psychopaths are patient, I found it necessary to do some in-between-Systems homework. Instead of planning to get out of the money System at once – which I have failed to do so far – I decided to get an understanding of the beast. I was incurring debt because of illness, and I found that crying ‘unfair’ did not stop the debt getting piled on top of me. I was suffering – nearly suffocating – under the burden like a pack animal. If I could not stop them, then I had to get to understand how they got to load fake debt on me in the first place. I had paid my bills, and had not invested in liabilities that they tried to sell to me as assets. No mortgage, no car loans, no credit cards. So, where was the debt coming from?

The first thing that I had to do, was to learn about money and the System. Being schooled in economics, I now had to educate myself beyond the empty theory of the ‘invisible hand’, and see whose hand it is. Before I could look at that hand, I needed to understand what money was and what money is now. The old school books gave me enough information about what money was. As the authors were pretending that money was still the same, I had to turn towards Google and scratch an answer together on what money is. Hindsight makes it fairly easy to summarize. Money used to be handy, but now it is a hammer. Money used to stand for assets, now it stands for liabilities. Money used to be worth gold, now it is worth paper. I dedicate my no-more-bullshit Ph.D. to Google.

Then I started to look at the money I had. I could only see debt. Every cent that came in got spent. The interest awarded on the savings account did not keep up with inflation. Especially not, since the bank demanded to get paid a fee to be able to hold on to my money. They made interest of my money, and had the audacity to still charge me. That was wrong in so many ways, that I emptied the savings account. I could do bad all by myself. With banks collapsing left and right, I no longer had to worry about my meager savings. For a moment I considered setting up a family bank. But, then I realized that I would have to put that money in a commercial bank, which would defeat the purpose of having a family bank.

The money is not worth anything but the fantasy of having assets. The banks steal the money that they promised to guard with their lives. If the bank were people I would demand solitary confinement… forever. It is only money, so they would not have to die for stealing it. And this goofy thought got me to realize what banks are for. The banks are store fronts. It is how the System gets provided with ever more money. When their theft comes to light, they point at the bank and its employees. We can do nothing to a bank, but withdraw our money. What is left of the money.

It is no use to demand solitary confinement, because the elite psychopaths are not part of this society. They are already confined far away from us. Or, better put, they have managed to keep us confined far away from them. We are the ones in their prison. In short, the bank office is a fake. Do not get fooled by the robots and puppets in suits and skirts, who run around creating busy-ness. They are there to spring the traps that we need to step into. The System elite may come up with the plans, but they seldom like to dirty their hands. They pay other money-slaves to do that.

So, the bank is only a store front. The bank as the fake temple of the god of money and greed. But, as I point a finger at the sick elite, three fingers point back. To me, the money-slave. I understand that my schooling got me to believe the money nonsense. The school system is designed to keep people stupid. We get taught theories that go back centuries and have nothing to do with the current System.

The ‘invisible hand’ stands for the hand of god. And guess who thinks that they are god(s)? As god they need worshippers. The oligarchs do not care to get worshipped directly by their slaves. They do not want to get contaminated, so they will settle for indirect adoration. They created Systems for us to get distracted by, and the money System is only one of them. But, how do those Systems really work?


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