Due Payment For Triple Back-Up Information

Unplug 5It seems that with all the technology and information available, everyone is free to become whatever they want to be. The only thing to figure out is how to get paid for it. Yet, as the Information Age progresses, I become acutely aware of the fact that the information that we put into the Internet system, is of more use to the government and big corporations than the ‘free’ people. And, we are not getting paid for all the ‘free’ information that we provide.

It turns out that the masses ignorantly place personal information on the internet, and think that they can delete it whenever they wish to. They do not understand that the internet does not have a furnace to burn the digital trail in. I have not figured out how to delete the updates and auto-save from my blog, so I am careful about displaying references to people, things and places. But then again, I would still be careful if I did find a digital furnace.

However, when the government or other big corporations want information to disappear, all of a sudden there seems to be some way for them to do that. Even though the internet is for everybody by everybody, some seem to be more some body than others. The government and corporations can block any site that they want to, make any information inaccessible if they choose to. An online back-up does not suffice. One needs a back-up on a separate computer or external digital storage unit. When it is important information, one needs a trusted other person to keep yet another digital storage, or the paper files.

Interesting. I do not remember going to spy school, yet here I am advising triple back-up. I do continue to educate myself on social engineering. There was something about the Information Age that felt sickening. I am not just talking about its geek start-up. Or its first universal use: porn sites. No, I am talking about the current owners of the system who do not pay for all the information that we provide. Why would any god-mimicking self-hating billionaire psychopath allow for people to have ultimate freedom on the Internet? Let me put in my two cents – which they have not paid me, but already own.

If the ‘sheeple’ think that they have finally gained freedom, then they may be giving away all they are worth without due payment. What is worth more than slaves and money to the filthy rich psychopaths, is information. They need information to understand how to get people to give them more money so they become full self-deluding slaves. What do people look for on the Internet, and what do people put out on the Internet? Make no mistake about it, they know it all. They have puppets and robots summing it up in nice reports for them.

Unplug 5The only cause for disappointment is my own delusion. As long as I tap into any of their systems, they decide on my freedom. The Internet is only one of their sick ways to make us think that we are free. Instead, we give up all our precious information for free, and gain more bondage. It is mind-boggling to see how far ahead of their game those psychopaths are. I can understand why they feel like gods. Let them enjoy it while they can. We are catching up… Right?


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