Children Need Revolution Needs Children


Cannot have revolution without children.

Arrested Development got that right. We cannot have a revolution, because we do not have our children’s back. Most of us do not even have – or want – our children. We only put up with them part-time. And most of that time they are asleep. The rest of the time we treat them like adults, and burden them with responsibilities that we should carry for them.

How are we to change this society to reflect the best that we would wish for our children – or at least for ourselves – if we are too busy to teach our own children? When did it start making sense that children spend their days at school regardless of whether there was anything worth learning at that school? And that parents – both male and female – spend their days at work regardless of whether they were getting any decent pay for it? We work to pay for other people to raise and teach our children, and come up short.

It is not only day-care and schools. It is also food, clothes, toys. Why allow a toxic food industry to tell us what to feed our children? Are we so busy that we cannot stop by the farmer’s market and get real food, instead of synthetic food from the supermarket? Are we so tired after a day of work, that we cannot put together a decent meal? In most cases, the answer is “yes.”

Most workers, increasingly lower and middle class alike, are overworked and underpaid. Even if they would want to revolt, they would need to take a day off from work, so they could collect their thoughts and see the need to revolt. Not one by one, but together. To be able to afford better food for their children and themselves, most need higher wages. And to be able to prepare that food themselves, most need more time.

TantrumIt does not stop there. Why are we clothing our children in clothes made by other children? It used to be clothes worn by other children. Sharing and exchanging clothes – or curtains. Now fashion knows no age, and the little ones have to be clothed right, or risk getting bullied in kindergarten. I will not name brand names, because I am not hip enough to know which brands ‘rule’ today. There is no need for me to be ‘so yesterday’, and risk my point getting lost in ridicule.

Then there are bright pink plastic toys for girls and blue or gray plastic toys for boys. Those are not ‘natural’ colors. What chemical plants deliver the materials for those ‘toys’? The children are so used to the toxic colors that they now demand it in their food. Make spinach bright pink or blue, and children may not want to eat anything else. Toxic colors used to sell toxic food. More MSG, aspartame, or fructose-glucose, anyone?

Children are not born with adult knowledge. Even children recognized to be reincarnated lamas, have to go through maturity training. Children are taught how to be adults. Adults teach them by putting thoughts in their heads. And, children will learn so wherever they are ‘dropped off’. That makes it important for their school environment, where they spend most of their day, to be healthy. It is the lama-in-training that has a better shot at a healthy learning environment. That is when one turns a blind eye towards young monks setting themselves on fire and rare reports on different types of abuse in monasteries. Still, no one would mess with a lama, right?

The point is that our schools are not teaching our children to revolt when they are being used and abused. Instead, our children get treated like criminals who do not get awarded a phone call to call a lawyer. They get awarded prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs to keep them in line. They are taught obedience even in the face of abuse of power. Our children our worth more than that. Why allow them to be turned into obedient robots and puppets? To get fed junk food as appetizer, and tranquilizers as desert.

Children at SchoolLike their parents who are busy being obedient to an employer who underpays and overworks them. And, seemingly with no alternatives in sight. Still, it is not all our fault. How many billions do the mega rich employers need, to finally feel safe from ‘the people’. If they are not safe raking in billions, then how safe can their staff feel on less than $10 an hour? And how safe can the children of those abused parents feel? The children seem to be the ones getting crushed at the bottom of the pyramid.

Children learn by example. All we are teaching them now, is to hold up the rest of the pyramid, even if they have to pay for it with their lives. That is quite a lot of responsibility. Would it not make more sense to teach them to lay down their lives for a better world? Not in Iraq or wherever the filthy rich want them to die. But, maybe for something exotic like freedom to choose their choices, in their own country. That would include the freedom to choose to leave their country for greener pastures, if they would want to.

If we let the pyramid crush our children, then what is the point to our working frenzy? What are we teaching our children, if we do not know what we are doing? It should be possible to look past our fear of punishment to step out of line,  and fight for our rights. We are already being punished for our obedience. If we cannot fight for our rights, then how can we teach our children to fight for theirs – and thus ours? Instead of waiting for the children to grow up and miraculously save us, we should be on the front line showing them how a revolution is ‘done’.

Revolution is a tool. The rich have been using it to their advantage for ages. Look at what it brought them. The third reich brought them the fourth reich. They have made billions – if not trillions – of dollars by revolutionizing society, government, and most other business. They did not do away with the poor, society or government, as they recognized that those are means to an end. They went to work to get us into slavery. They reinvented themselves in the process. And they trained their children to continue their noble work.

The revolution is not to do away with the rich, society, or government. But, to find a use for them that meets our needs. To not use the same tactics as them – because then we would only become exactly them, and ‘grow rich’ while bullying (and not working) – but to understand that tactics work when we have a solid strategy. We need to have our own strategy, and teach our children. We start the revolution, by understanding what needs to be done, and then do it.

Children at SchoolAs we work to change society and government, and reposition ourselves and the rich, we will set an example for our children. They need us to set that example so they can carry on beyond that. If we set no example for revolution, then we have no right to complain when our children turn out to be the next generation of addicts and slaves. Our children need us, as much as we need them. They show us the need for revolution, and the revolution needs them. Just as the rich train their children to carry on their work, so do the revolutionaries need to teach their children.


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