School Is Prison, Education Is Liberation

No matter the fact that I have mastered many subjects at fool school, I remained very uneducated. I was very informed, but I lacked understanding. The schools were designed to mold me to fit the work system that awaited me when I could no longer be imprisoned by the school system. I had to learn that schooling was designed to keep me in line, and it was up to me to educate myself beyond that line.

Of course, I understood that I had to find mentors to show me the ropes, or show me where they hide them. No such luck. The only people I seemed to be able to attract were those who knew little beyond their own schooling, or those who might have known better but were not going to waste their knowing on me. I was left to figure out for myself how to fit in where I did not belong.

There was no other option than to educate myself. I diligently worked to get more schooling, while I tried to fit in any of the molds of the jobs that I sought out. I had convinced myself that I had the right idea. I needed to teach myself how an office is run, I needed to teach myself how products are sold, I needed to teach myself how services are performed. I needed to teach myself how a business is run. I did not just dream the needs up, I went out there and did it.

Well, sort of. No matter how eager I was to learn all angles of a business, the business never allowed me to. I would go from job to job, getting more frustrated – but ignoring it – for not learning what I had set out to learn. All that other people seemed to want to teach me, was to hold on to any job. I never could understand how those people could think that they were teaching me the ropes, because I was convinced that they were only concerned with their ropes. I had more ambition than that. I was going to find a way to rise above their mental paralysis.

However, the only rise that I was able to make, was to get up every time that I fell flat on my face. Even as people pointed at me and claimed that it was my own fault, I was convinced that I was tripping over something. And that something was not my ego. No, it was clear that something else was going on. I had done the schooling that they told me to do to be able to enter any management position, yet I was getting sidelined to work for management.

There was something off with my schooling, with me and/or with them. Because, the three parts that should have come together perfectly, did not. I did not find a rainbow so I could locate the pot of gold. The schooling system was at fault for pretending that I would be able to get a good job, if I would just keep paying them ever more money to fool school me to be able to get it. I was at fault for believing the empty promise that schooling would guarantee me a good job. Schooling could not even guarantee me good schooling.

What became clear to see, was that those companies were at fault for having no intention to award me a good job. They did not care if I had the best schooling, grades or whatever. They were very clear on the fact that they did not consider me worthy of their good jobs. It was only in the last good enough job that I came to fully understand my problem. I had not been schooled to run money harvesting schemes. I believed the fairy tales in the school books over the reality of business. I was in for some brutal lessons. And, they were ready to teach me…

Whereas a strong will and determination, were prized as positive traits in the study books, I had to learn that they are only positive when put to use for money harvesting business, not for oneself. As long as I used my strong will to guard my mind against them, I was considered an idiot and a threat. These people launched a spare-no-means campaign to break my will. I proved not strong enough against a murderous collective will. I would have to leave one way or another. My preference was to leave alive. To leave alive and well, was no longer an option.

It would be easy to stay angry and appalled at what these people did, for the rest of my life. But, then I would miss out on the many lessons that the experience holds. I would have missed out on the opportunity to understand that schooling is only important to get the necessary degree as quickly as possible. It is more impressing to finish schooling a year early with average grades, then to finish schooling a year late with above average grades. The time wasted could have been spent hiring an business professional to help educate to fit in the desired management position or to be a successful business owner.

Nice advice. But, those business professionals come with a hefty price tag. The only professionals whom I could barely afford, were the fool school teachers who coldly led me astray. No more sick society advice. I have gotten rid of the school-fool trait that allowed me to throw money into a school system that could not educate me. How could a teacher who never worked in management, teach me anything about it? How could a teacher who never ran a business, teach me how to run a business?

Would it have helped if I had interviewed every single teacher I was paying to teach me? No. Fool school does not offer much choice. Great teachers do not waste their time teaching in fool schools. I had to make do, with whatever fool school offered me. And I showed them ‘respect’ by not questioning their authority. My mistake, as I now see that I disrespected myself. It will not happen again. I am my own teacher now. If I do not know how to do something myself, then I will have do some research and learn through failure to become the professional myself.

There is no more need for fooling teachers. I had to go to school because of their law, but that does not mean I have to stay there for the rest of my life. I have broken the hold that schooling had on my mind. I did not understand that I got imprisoned against my will. I needed to get educated to see that. Instead of paying for more schooling, I can stop wasting my mind and money, and seek more education and liberation. There is more work to be done, because I do not like the prison they built for management.


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