The Mind and Body of Society

All of a sudden I realized why I felt uncomfortable with the things that society promotes. All the empty glitter and glamour, that turns invisible when held up against a brilliant star in the sky. We have come to worship some  mindless fake starlets and got distracted by their empty Babel-towered chatter, instead of the real deal up in the sky that we see for free.

As I started to look at society as a whole body moving in unison with what the puppet masters dictate, I could come to see society as a living entity that is made up of mostly mindless individuals. Well, maybe not completely mindless, but the mass is definitely not aware of the stages – or layers – of mind. I am consciously aware of three of my minds, but I am frustrated that I am not really able to master the higher levels. Worse, I am still to master those first three.

Let me get to my point. Most people are stuck in their first (animal-slave) mind, and that slave-mind forms the largest part of society. The slaves form the body and feet of society. People who are put to toil and work, and only get time off to spend in a pre-ordained way. Those who engineer society form its neck and the lower part of the head. They have more mind than others, but it is not their own. Those who take direct orders from the cold rational engineers form the arms and hands. They order around the body and keep the masses from influencing or overtaking the engineers. The orders are to remain top down. Those who cannot participate in society form its excess fat.

All are under control of the self-chosen owners of the pyramid. Hidden out of sight, only visible as a left eye. They do not want to be part of the body of society. They claim that the body ‘stinks’. They want to be in control of the body, but not get dirtied by it. So, they keep themselves veiled away from the masses, but are very much still attached to the body of society. They are human. Sort of.

They rule society like the gods that they think they are. God-like, El-like, El-light, el-lite, elite. They teach the body of society on false or absent gods. With the believed absence of real gods, they can easily fool this enslaved society. To have people pray to a random god, works just as well for them as to have people pray to them directly as they buy into the myth of the dollar bill.

As this engineered society does not appeal to me, I seem to have made myself into excess fat. Whatever the body of society embraces mindlessly, I will look upon with utter distrust. I will not store all my information in digital files, so the puppet master can cut me off from my own information by simply withholding the necessary electricity to gain access to the files. They can no longer distract me with those fake starlets and their nonsense. I now look past them at the sky, and ponder on how to awaken further. At least the stars in the sky do not try to brainwash me.


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