Society Is Stuck In Toddler Phase – Who Wants to Be a Reformer?

child-cryingWhat is this ‘society’ that demands me to be a part of it? Why is it that I have to listen to strangers telling me that I cannot survive without other people? If that is the case, why is there such a thing as solitary confinement in prisons? Is it an attempt to kill the prisoner more quickly? Do they not know that enlightenment is reached in solitude, and not watching mind-numbed can-never-be-real stars dancing on ice, on television or wherever?

I do not want other people to harass me with what they think that I should do. I want to know their credentials first. What is it that makes them an expert on my life? How can they ‘advise’ me when they do not know me? They cannot even answer a simple question. What is my favorite color? They guess pink. Wrong. My favorite color is none of their business.

It is clear that they think they are experts, because they expect me to be an average human-slave. And that might even be a positive estimate of what they think. The point is that they may think that I am just like everybody else, and can be told what to do like everybody else, and manipulated into doing what I do not want or need to do, just like everybody else. That I am part of the body of society that is guided along the path most traveled, without any resistance worth mentioning.

Why could people not just mind their own business, so we could all get along? In my case I would prefer ample distance. And then it hits me. I am still looking at other people as if they are truly adults. I look at their outer form without understanding that I need to look through that. I still take the seen as valid before the yet unseen. Just like the ‘sheeple’ I let my mind rest, instead of putting it to work. Unlike the ‘sheeple’ I am not ignorant when it comes to their adult child state, so I am just being plain lazy. I have caught the error of my ways, and will change it.

I full well know that most people are stuck in toddler stage. They know how to eat, sleep and poop. (I prefer to write shit, but I would not want to offend my other self.) Everything else seems to be just a wild guess. There seems to be no plan to what they do or what they say. They just repeat what they heard on television, read in a magazine, or whatever. They choose role models, and model themselves to those exact roles. Never mind if being a ‘Desperate Housewife’ does not fit the life of a born-again Christian teacher. Just put those high heels on, and show them! Show them how easily one gets brainwashed.

Most people will mimic the persons who can best pretend to have the missing social skills, or those who scream the loudest and show that they have none. Not knowing that their real skills are meant to get other people attached while remaining detached, people will follow their false prophets into their caves, and then adjust to the darkness. They will attack anyone who dares to use a lucifer (match stick). No, as long as Lucifer is the devil, then the darkness must be alright.

Enough with their darkness. I had to take out my Toddler 411 by Fields and Brown (2007) to see how much of their expert advice applied to society, as much as they thought it applied to their toddlers. I was going to pick a random page, but my eye spotted The Three Truths About Parenting a Toddler in the introduction. So, that would make ‘The Three Truths About Being An Adult In This Society’.

child-crying1. You cannot make a [toddler] eat, sleep, or poop on the potty.
Toddlers decide for themselves what to do, even though it might be obvious to an adult that they are hurting themselves. As it says on page 11: “We know how resilient toddlers can be – by sheer determination, they figure out how to wear their parents into submission.” So, before going on the fool’s mission to ‘fix’ society from the inside, one has to know that this society will – by sheer determination – continue to refuse to eat, sleep, or poop, to get to the next phase of becoming civil. And at the same time it will wear its fixers down. As soon as the reformers are put back in line, society will eat them alive to get fed, sleep with the satisfaction of a full stomach, and poop them out to dump. Does it seem far-fetched? Ask the ‘elite’ why they do not mingle with ‘society’. That is, if you can figure out who those god-pretenders are.

2. Parenting is the great equalizer.
There is no respect for adults. As it says on page 11: “[Children] are not born with social skills. It is animal nature (…) to be born with a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality.” And on page 12: “Your job is to implant a “good citizen” memory chip in your child’s brain that will remind your child how he is supposed to act.” This means that a society that is cut from its true historical roots, has no way of knowing how it is supposed to act. The false beliefs installed through social engineering by the few who chose themselves, makes society behave according to their implant. The “good citizen” memory has been corrupted, and those trying to correct the error get eaten alive – or worse – if they are foolish enough to expose themselves to a society still stuck in toddler state. Society will do whatever society gets away with. Some may know better, but so what?! Society will develop along the line of its programming regardless.

3. Monkey see, monkey do.
Toddlers mimic; it is part of their day job – next to playing god and throwing tantrums when their wills are defied. Toddlers do not listen well to speeches. They will only mimic it at inappropriate times. When the parents are in a rush to get out of the door, the child they made in their image, will now start babbling a dissertation, and demand to be listened to. Toddlers seem fond of mimicking the worst of behaviors, not the best. Unless, they can mimic the best behaviors at the worst possible time. It is as if they do it on purpose. Every time society seems to take a leap forward, it turns out to be in an area that ensures further enslavement of all its members. Society seems to cooperate, to then demand attention for mass confusion and determined resistance against ‘getting into the car so we can just get to the next level already.’ It is only by practicing extreme patience that one can hold on to any sanity, and to wait until society is ready to get into the car by itself.

Society looks like an adult from the outside, but it is very much a toddler. A toddler may act like an adult for a hot minute, but it cannot maintain it. Once the toddler gets back in touch with its neediness and powerlessness, I would be doing myself a big favor to not be within tantrum distance.  The chaos in the mind of a toddler seems to leave no room for calm. It is a good thing that I know that I do not have the patience to deal with toddlers. To try to ‘fix’ society, would be to get worn down to regress to its state.

Society wants constant stimulation, like a toddler wants constant attention. It is almost like a constant need for affirmation of being alive and being the most important thing alive. So, unless there is loud applause for society behaving in a healthy way, there will be no interest in any healthy approach. I would have to start exposing myself to be able to hold the attention of society. I would have to show that I am of no apparent danger to its arrested development. I would have to show myself as sick as it is, which would make me as sick as its current pop role models. And… it would leave me without proper clothes and a clear message.

Crying ToddlerThe thing to remember is that society does as it is programmed to do. The ones who want to make us into their weakest image have decided upon this. Until they show their faces again, society will do whatever society gets away with. Society is not my child, so distance is the perfect fix for me.


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