It Adds Up to Systematic Deception

The system is all about stealing their money back. And we burn a lot of energy trying to get them more money. They set us up to work harder, and then step in to steal the money from us. We are too tired to stop them. It would not matter if we tried to stop them anyway, the system is designed to protect itself and its soldiers and puppets.

They steal from us and then blame us for being deceived. They send out conflicting messages, and wait for us to choose which one to believe. Once we have chosen, they will punish us for choosing. It does not matter what options we chose. We do not get punished for making a wrong decision, because there is no right one. We get punished for believing their lies about choice as we choose.

It is not even about the money. They have more money than they know what to do with. Of course, it is only digital money, as it does not exist in the physical realm. What bank can hold a trillion paper dollars? The money does not have to be real, to get us to work hard to try and get some of it.

The point is to keep us very busy chasing the fiction of money and security, and getting us distracted by the insanity of the haves and have-nots. It serves to keep us too busy to question or fight them. As long as we are too busy, or too tired from being busy all the time, they remain to be the puppet masters.

As long as we look at the perverted starlets on tv, internet and in magazines, we will do as they demand. We get distracted out of using our own minds. We give them our money and get deceived out of more. We give them our energy when we fight to keep it or get it back. We give them our minds when we let them school us and distract us.

They do not have to lie. They have a system in place to tell lies and uphold them. The system was already in place before any of us were born. All they do is change the cloak of the system or the content of the lie, to adapt to the times. It is no issue for them as they know more than us. They have inherited the master plan that we can only guess at.

They master us, because we outnumber them. We have been schooled to be obedient to them. We entered corporations that kept us in line by threatening with termination of our work contracts. We have come to believe that we need a pay check to be able to live comfortably. However, the comfort that we look for is one of their many lies. They push us into bankruptcy and death, to feed their hunger for more power.

Those who can see the lies and resist, will get to deal with a lot of severe punishments. Not that the rest of us is better off. If they cannot find a rebel, they will create a few themselves. It does not take much effort, as they can easily get off the problem they created to get rid of. They have trained the soldiers and puppets at their disposal to take care of any problem, real or imagined. Their victims will not be able to know what hit them. I know because I am one of their victims.

It was impossible for me to understand why they would take the trouble to block me. Until I got to understand that it is no trouble for them at all. The system is in place and the soldiers and puppets will do as told. The soldiers will even believe that they are doing the right thing. The right thing for them is to protect the system, since it is the system that pays them. They do what they are ordered to do, so they and their families can strive to live as comfortable as the propaganda makes them believe is attainable.

So, we outnumber them, but many of us work for them. I do not have that option anymore. Even if they would let me back in, I have no interest on wasting my energy on them. I will have to trust myself in guiding myself out of their reach. To be just fine without depending on their pay checks and empty promises.


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