Remember To Change Not Cope

the matrix blue and red pills

Cope is not change.

To finally get to cope with someone or something does not mean that the person or thing has changed. Only the attitude towards the same person or thing has changed. I may cope with the fact that there may be gods, but that does not mean that they came into existence because I changed my mind.

Only when I realized that I did not have to cope with the system, did things start to change. Change is an inside job, so it is no use to fight the system into change. I had not realized how much control they had, nor how much control I had given them. I let go of the false belief that the system would change to have my interests at heart too.

The system is void of heart. Feelings are used to keep the victims chained to its owners. No matter how many branches the system keeps dividing into, it is all one. There was nothing that I did that they did not know about. So, I had to stop being dependent on the system, and cut as many ties as I could. I needed to change my behavior first, then cope with the change later.

The system is the world. And what a sick world I live in. Everything is politics, but only the puppet shows with actors claiming to be politicians, is served up as such. I am no longer fooled. Politics is so embedded that children in kindergarten have no problem letting their inner dictators out and rule over the other toddlers. They baby talk their innocent victims into cleaning up their toys after they are done dismantling them. In return the victims get to touch the broken toys for a while.

There is no need for bitterness. I was born into this system, and I was brainwashed to belief that I had to be part of it, and serve it. Until I realized that the system was used to punish me for the mishandling of others. Instead of allowing myself to get beaten into submission, I put up a fight. Only then could I come to learn that their empty words and worthless money, were the drugs they used to keep me hooked to the system.

the matrix blue and red pillsAll the money earned, was only money borrowed. When they stopped borrowing me anymore, I still had to pay them to support their system. I decided not to cope with it, but to go for a big change. I went cold turkey and stopped being dependent on the system. I have let go of the false belief that the system is needed for my survival. I now understand that one needs to be out of the system to be able to see it for what it is. To only cope with the system is to waste precious time.


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