An Intricate The Evil Design


The game ain’t designed for no kinda winning.

The game is designed for the ones on top to stay on top. They make it seem like other people can join their ranks. It can never last. They only allow others to join them for a while to be able to break them back down. They have the time and money to play with them. They also have enough puppets desperate for money and attention to do the dirty work for them.

It is important to understand that I cannot join them without being prey. They do not see me as equal. They do not need to. They have more than enough people around them to compete with. They need people they can dump their dirt and blame on. That is why they have designed the system as it is. There are enough loopholes to let some of the victims escape, as they can so easily get many more victims whom they can punish for it. In their fright the new prey will volunteer to hunt the escapees down and bring them to ruin.

The few victims who actually believe that they have made it out, seem to serve two purposes. They make others believe that they can make it out too, when that is not the case. And they make for more challenging prey for the predators. They have been able to get off the rigged ladder, so they are deemed capable of enduring the more cruel games. But, their intelligence is no match to that of the designer. The real intelligent ones got shot down before they could get a decent hold of the broken ladder. Only engineered intelligence is allowed.

It is good to see that the system is not rigged. They rigged my mind as I absorbed the lies about how the system works. It is very sobering to see how the game is designed. I no longer feel sorry for lack of material success. That type of success comes at a very high price. I am rather attached to my soul, so I stay out and observe, write and observe some more.


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