Money Failure

broken piggy bankI have failed to understand about money earlier. Until recently, I only wanted to learn how to earn more than enough to be able to call myself successful. I wanted to show that all the studying was worth something. But, after many years of struggling, I have to admit that I had only learned how to not have any money at all. I owned debt instead of money.

Money had become a constant worry in my life, but I could not worry myself into getting any of it. I had tried to the best of my abilities, but it was useless since I was blind to the sick system that got me hooked to it. I failed to understand money, I failed to understand the money system. I definitely failed to understand that I am just a tool for other people to harvest the money I supposedly earn. They want it all. They got to it all, as I failed to understand that I could not have any.

All I knew back then was to work for pay, to then struggle to make ends meet when most of the pay check disappeared back into the system. No matter how much money I would earn, there was never enough left to feel comfortable, never mind secure. If I could not change the income side, then I had to cut down on my spending until I could understand things better. I had made bad investments like society taught me to, but I would just have to stop doing that. I had to stop listening to sick society, and stop confusing liabilities with assets.

As long as I do not own any part of the money system, I will be a poor woman. I will have liabilities, and will be treated as such. They can turn anything into a liability by changing the money rules through policy, law or tax. They have all the information on what people invest in – not in the least place because they tell people what to invest in – and they can move in and take all that money away with the stroke of a pen, strike on a keyboard, or the mere uttering of a word.

It is clear that if I can only own liabilities, while they spend a lot of time grooming me to accept their money system, then I must be the asset. They must be considering me to be their asset, and as such I am to pay them to be able to hold on to the derivative liabilities. They hold hands with the government that they hide behind, referring to laws that they have drawn up themselves. They laugh all the way to their banks that help them steal the money.

broken piggy bankIt took me a while, because I needed to see how they all work together. I relied on other people to show me what I needed to do to be able to fit in, and show success. They were teaching me to fail, because their paychecks and bonuses depended on it. The lie of ownership. I clearly felt that the desire for more left me with less. The only thing I succeeded to do, was to cut down my disposable spending. As I learned that the value of disposable things goes down, never up, the hype of owning new junk got lost on me.

It is time to move to get to grips with the income side as well. There must be a way to make money and have wealth that the system cannot steal, right? I sure hope so, otherwise I will be wasting a lot of precious time trying to find out what seems already crystal clear. How to fail, when there was no way to succeed?


2 thoughts on “Money Failure

  1. This is it, the holy grail is to manage to hold on to the sweat of your brow all the while they manufacture better, more insidious and ever more restrictive methods to outsmart your efforts to break free. It is the age old quest to have the full benefit of your own production. Excellent article as always.

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