Money Is the Glue That Binds

I thought that working for them was going to help me to be financially successful. I feared walking away from this job, as long as I did not have my own business sorted out. Working all those hours for them and to deal with their harassment, robbed me of the energy to deal with my own business. The longer I stayed on, the more angry and resentful they got, the more energy I had to direct at keeping them at bay. I suffered along with my business.

I chose money over health, and had to pay the price. What an expensive lesson. Whatever I feared that might have happened if I had walked away early, does not hold a candle to what happened when I decided to stay a while longer. They would look for a way to take back the money I had earned, and block me from finding a replacement job. I could have walked away, but where would my next pay check have come from?

They want the money back, no matter that I worked hard to earn it. Why did they hire me, if they did not want to pay me? All of a sudden it hits me. They must have already known that they were going to cheat me out of the money! That is how evil they are. I cannot compete with that much sickness. I need not be available for their harassment. I see that I have put myself in a double prison by not wanting to pay up. As long as I refuse to give them my money, I will be tied to them. Whenever they feel like dumping their frustration on me, they can just harass me over the money.

It is not enough to walk away. I need to decide to cut all the ties. Not just the money tie, but also the tie to the system. If I keep feeding the system information, then they will be fed too. They will know my every move, because I am the one telling them. They are part of the system. There is no system without them. That is why they are so powerful. I had to go through all that ill-treatment to finally get it. If I want to get out of their heads, then I need to stay out of their system.

I realize that I do not have the material or spiritual fortune to do so. I do not have a link to the system outside of their system. That means that I do not have the protection it takes to cut all the ties. That leaves one other option. To use the ties to show their other victims that they are tied up too. I stop worrying about these demons and their toxic behavior, and talk about them out in the open. They can deny it all they want, deep down inside their victims know the truth.


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