Money System

empty walletMoney is supposed to be about trading one product or service for another. I go to work for a boss or client, and I get paid for my work because I have helped that person add value to her business or helped make room for more enjoyment of his life. I have many skills, so I should find it easy to have an income that allows me to pay others to add value to my business or life. I should be able to pay someone else to do my cooking and cleaning, and I should be able to enjoy many nice vacations a year outside of the country. Those are the simplest of promises the system made me.

So, why does money seem like such a curse instead of a blessing? I am not enjoying payment for my services, never mind spending money on added value. No, instead I am underearning and overspending. This is where things go awfully wrong. I have become dependent on money as a measurement for the worth of my work. And, I have let many middle men manipulate and charge me for their advice on how to safeguard. I spend money on them before I could get paid. The worst middle man of all is government. Why am I being taxed three times for water? Did the generations before me not already pay for it in full? How long are we going to be taxed for it? And how much more tax is going to be added to the tax?

Most people will tell me to stop whining and to go earn more money. That I should stop asking questions and being ‘difficult’. To go work harder and earn more money. Why am I paying middle men to tell me that? As most people who fell for that trap know, there is only going to be more tax and more middle men who charge for advice on how to spend money on them. It is called the rat race, and it eats most people up alive. Wake up now. If more money cannot fix the problem, then money must be the problem!

There I was thinking that I was underearning because I did not have enough money left to add value and enjoyment to my life. To take a step back to see that I was overspending on middle men. It is not only advisers and government. The banks charge me to safeguard the money I lend them. As they do not even pay me the interest over that money, why should I lend it to them at all? As the governments installed a system of devaluation of money and inflation of prices, I need to get interest over any spare money, or I will be losing money automatically. However, as I watch the banks steal money to safeguard money, then I might want to take my chances with devaluation.

Unfortunately, there are more systemic problems. As soon as prices of expenses go up, I will lose money if I do not raise my hourly rate to cover it. The rise in my rate has nothing to do with my services, only with my costs. And the costs have nothing to do with money. The costs have to do with the money system. The system is set up to devaluate money that gets wasted on liabilities. Set my rate too high, and I will not have the clients to cover my costs. The middle men do not care. Either I do as they say, or to enjoy my new-found free time to do my own cooking and cleaning.

empty walletThe money gets stolen before it can get to me. The middle men make sure of it. Money has no added value, if I do not know how the money system can work for me. I do understand that money invested in assets has more value than money spend on liabilities. But, I am so caught up on the liabilities of the disbalance, that I cannot see my way over to the assets. I may first want to wade through the lies of what assets and liabilities are. For all I know the system might consider not just my business but also my life as a liability. Now that would explain a thing or two.

In any case, I need to get a better understanding of the money system, how to get to exchange products and services with clients directly, how to distinguish between assets and liabilities, and so much more. No middle men. Thus, finding a decent bank to hold excess money has been pushed down the list. Such a thing might not even exist.



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