Why Should I Accept Their Rubber Bands?

Sanity is to know that insanity is of use. To them, insanity is a tool not a state. It is like  money. The people of the system love insanity, because it will make their victims happily part with their money to get the rubber bands that they have on offer. They trick us into believing that we will get more money, but when we hold up the rubber band, something seems to be missing. We end up giving them all the money that the rubber bands should hold!

Money has proven to be an excellent way to control people. The system is only a tool to make sure that money as a tool works and keeps working. To make sure that people lust after money and willingly sell their future labor – or souls – to get more of it.  The system is a greedy monster, because the people who use it are greedy. Even people who do not own the system, but ‘only’ work for it, are invested to keep the system running ruthlessly for their own benefit and protection. They are getting paid to uphold the system, and they get paid to punish those who seek to let the system down. When they get confronted with their dirty work, they blame the system for forcing them to do it.

Even people with no position in the system or no money, will still seek to control others. What can a poor man who is victimized by the system hide behind? His powerlessness? His temper? That is only more insanity allowing the system to get more of his money – or anything else. He cannot fight the system, so he is left to fight other people – those who are even more powerless. For them to seek protection from the system, which means that they have to give the system more money for a lottery ticket to get the chance of getting awarded rights to protection. The poor man stays poor. The people who own the system remain rich.

The first step to stop being controlled by the system of greedy people, is to recognize that it is a system. The system represents the people that own it. The second step is to recognize that the system works because of the insanity it instills in people. wes-naman-rubber-band-portraits-14Both the people who have to do the dirty work, as the people who are to get down in the dirt. Empty promises of wealth are handed out, while people get bombarded with images of scarcity and hate. Watch people trade in their money for rubber bands. The third step is to let go of the insanity as a state of mind. Insanity needs to be recognized as a tool, not a state. Sanity of mind to be able to see how the system works, is of the utmost importance.

There are a lot more steps to take. But, for now, these steps suffice to no longer get fooled by empty promises of wealth, when all we get from them and their system are some rubber bands.


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