Lies and Laws

liarsI have been wondering why I do not feel up to do the work that I had set out to do. I guess I just cannot bring myself to deal with their lies anymore. Everywhere I turn, there they are with more lies. They cannot stop themselves, and I see that I cannot stop them either.

Someone advised me to check my motives. She hinted that I should give up fighting them. I feel like it is my responsibility to fight, or at least finish the ongoing battles. But, indeed, what is the use if they can do as they please? They will just come up with a new lie to cover up the old ones. In the meanwhile, I am getting nowhere fast.

They are not just lying because it is a fun thing to do. No, it is how they steal the money. They make it near impossible for people to see that truth, because it is covered by so many layers of lies and laws. It is too bothersome for most people to even consider.

So, here I am angry at them for hiding behind their lies and laws. The idea that they get away with it, and seemingly nothing can be done to stop them, is very upsetting. I cannot let them steal money from me and do nothing about it. Yet, what I have done so far has not been much about anything either. It is what they do: they lie and steal my money.

liarsMaybe I need to stop fighting their lies, and instead bring their thieving ways out in the open. Why remain engaged in battle endlessly, while I could be outing them instantly? The energy that the anger releases, can be put to good use. There is no need to remain distracted.


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