Judge Not

Judge NotA judge who shows no interest in reading the case file beforehand, and has taken no notice of how the pages in that file are numbered, is just not interested in the case.  She let me know from the beginning that she was not interested, and she was not going to pretend to be either.

It was clear that the insurance company had made mistake upon mistake, and that they filed an unjust lawsuit. As the mistakes they had made were pointed out, the judge delighted herself by pointing out ‘mistakes’ in our brief. She ruled that the insurance company did not act faulty or fraudulent, even though it was clear from the money trail that things did not add up.  The case never got to be about the mistakes made by the insurance company. It was clear that the judge was not interested in justice for the clients.

What is the point of a law dictating that the insurance companies are responsible for the mistakes they make, when the judge does not hold this insurance company accountable? Instead she holds the victims responsible? The insurance company wanted money and got it, but why? Why would the judge allow for clients to be duped by those money-hungry companies?

Judge NotThe clients are punished double. They are being denied their rights and they have to pay the insurance company more money than they are entitled to plus the costs of the law suit the insurance company initiated. The insurance company wins and gets away with infringement of rights. What is yet to be clarified, is how the judge benefits from helping the insurance company.


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