Fool School

As the System controls the schools and school system, the children are going to learn whatever the System wants them to learn. The System needs the children to understand to play by the rules dictated. The children need to become adults who think like children, so they will work, pay taxes and incur debts, without objecting to it. The debts are to insure that they will work more and pay more taxes.

Most of the subjects taught in school did not make sense to me. When I started to work, all I could apply was  mathematics. No other school subject was of use. The most important thing at work seemed to be to listen to the boss, and do as I was told. Nobody cared if I was intelligent or not. Perks were given to those who showed that they could listen and do as they were told. They got extra credit for smiling at the puppet master.

I have worked hard and paid taxes hard. After taxes I had little money left, so I had to resort to working harder. I was willing to work harder, because I had bought into the believe that it was okay to be a workaholic if I had a job that I liked. But, I also saw that the job became much less to my liking when I got to see my after-tax pay check. They did not teach me any of that at school.

I had different ideas about fairness or justice than was taught at school. I knew I needed to go out into the real world to learn about ‘making’ money instead of slaving away for it. But, either people did not know how to do so themselves, or they did not care enough to enlighten me. I have tried in vain to find a mentor to teach me how to go about my business and make money. I was met with ridicule. Clearly, I was talking to the wrong people.

The teachers kept teaching as they were told to, and I grew weary of listening to them. Where are the people who are willing to guide me out of this prison the System led me into?


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